EMPLOYMENT operating its business at the location

EMPLOYMENTCONTRACT THIS EMPLOYMENT CONTRACT dated this 18thJanuary,2018BETWEEN:THECLIMATIC GROUP INC.-AND-GaganpreetSingh Commencement Date and Term1. TheEmployee will commence permanent full-time employment with the Employer on the18thjanuary 2018 to December 31st 2021.

Job Title and Description  Building Supervisor2.The initial job is to make sure all the employees under your supervision signin and sign out.3.

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To oversee the duties assigned to all the workers and give them their schedules.4.The employee will be subject to the terms and conditions set out in thiscontract as well as     be ready to besupervised and take advice and direction from the employer.5.

Theemployees job title and his duties may be changed at any given time due to theneeds of the location. Employee Compensation 6. Buildingsupervisor will be paid for the services rendered on monthly salary of $ 2500.

7.The employer will deduct from the salary any applicable payroll deductions andremittances as required by law.8.The Employee understands and agrees that any additional remuneration paid tothe Employee in the form of bonuses or other similar incentive remunerationwill rest in the Employer.Company Policy9.

Employee will not directly contact the customers as per policies and guidelines.10.If there is any issue concerning staff under employee’s supervision for examplethey fail to follow the instructions its building supervisor’s duty to contactthe head office.Termination Provisions 11.If in any case we lose the building from company’s contract in that case theemployer will discontinue operating its business at the location where theemploy is employed.

12. Wherethere is just cause for termination, the Employer may terminate the employee’semployment without notice, as permitted by law.13.The Employee and the employer agree that reasonable and sufficient notice oftermination of employment by the employer is the greater of one week or anyminimum notice required by law.  Recitalof Management Rights  14. Theemployer can any time change the job duty and responsibility in the event of thechanges required in the location assigned to the employee.



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