Employees dimension staff quality divided in three sub

Employees in a restaurant are according to Pettijohn,Pettijohn and Taylor (2004) an important factor in determining customersatisfaction. The other way around, is customer satisfaction a determinant ofthe restaurant’s profitability and longevity. There are different category’sthat contribute to customer satisfaction. You can think of knowledge, speed, courtesy, service and desire to give thecustomer an satisfying experience.

In addition, their serving skills, but alsotheir suggestive sell, to serve big groups effectively and to work withcustomers  can control the food serviceestablishment’s sales and profitability.We have the dimension staff quality divided in three subdimensions. We chose for waiting time, responsiveness and friendliness. Waiting timeThe time a customer has to wait to be served has to bereasonable. It’s an important factor of overall service quality in thehospitality industry.

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Examination about the waiting time is done by Lee andLambert (2001). They examined the impact of various waiting times and what theimpact of waiting times had upon customer satisfaction in an cafeteriafoodservice environment. The results of examination showed that there was a difference between thewaiting times that customers thought were reasonable prior to the dining andthe actual waiting time that was experienced by the customers.  Responsiveness According to Andaleeb and Conway, (2006); Wu and Liang, (2005)are specific behaviors, and in this case the behavior of service employees, anreally important element of the satisfaction of customers and the noticedservice quality. Keng et al.

(2007)The second dimension is responsiveness Specific behaviors, including thebehavior of service employees, are the key determinants of perceived servicequality and also of consumer satisfaction (Andaleeb and Conway, 2006; Wu andLiang, 2005). Keng et al. (2007) found that personal interaction encountersand physical environmental interaction encounters positively influence customerexperiential value. A customer oriented dining staffs will have a positiveinfluence on customers trust and commitment (Bore and Johnson, 2000)The last dimension is friendliness.

Gwrinner et al. (1998) revealed that riskreduction, friendship, personal recognition, rapport and special treatment wereall benefits of maintaining a long-term relationship with an organization. Liuand Jang (2009) examined service quality in casual dining Chinese restaurantsin the United States and found that friendly and helpful employees arepositively related to customer satisfaction.

In another study performed in the quick-servicerestaurant industry, service quality was also related with customersatisfaction (Wu,2013).Research question: How important is staff quality for guestsatisfaction?


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