Employees are sometimes faced with ethical dilemmas in their working environments which require them to show moral courage to sustain their ethical actions. Hannah, Avolio and Walumbwa examined precursors and outcomes of moral courage. Findings revealed that there was positive relationship between authentic leadership and displays of moral courage by the followers. Moreover, impact of authentic leadership on ethical and pro-scoial behaviours of followers was fully mediated by moral courage. The study depicts that authentic leadership is essential to ensure ethical behvaiour by the followers. In addition, moral courage is crucial for long term display of prosocial and ethical behaviours by the employees.
Positive corporate culture can be maintained through strong reward system and well-formulated code of ethics. The same notion is supported by Sarah, Milikan and O’Rourke who carried out systematic review of the literature to explore effective program encompassing corporate ethics. Results indicated that successful program for corporate ethics turned out to be the one which involved all employees from managers to daily wages, and each worker taking responsibility of his/ her personal performance or outcomes. Path to failure identified in


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