Emirates Airlines


Learning and Memory of Consumer Behavior in Emirates

Business corporations conduct consumer studies for the improvement of their marketing strategies. This enhances their understanding on how the consumers contemplate, sense, and reason amid different products they offer. Emirates airlines, as one of the greatest developed long-haul carriers, are no exception in this realm. Learning and memory of consumer behavior in emirates is of greater importance and requires extreme attentions for the survival of the business in this dynamic global market. Learning within the consumers entails a rigorous transformation of the pre-existing memory as well as behavior.

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It is not exclusively knowledge based, but inducement by influence is also relevant. It focuses on the already known and enactment of subsequent concrete behavior[1]. Learning and memory of the flight products are crucial at Emirates airlines.

Various approaches of learning are taking course from which consumer awareness rests. One of such methods is a classical conditioning where consumers are natured to abide by the culture of the organization in terms of flight schedules, travelling conditions and all the benefits that abreast their products. Countless contemporary advertisers utilize the ideology to survive in the competitive market share. Restrictions in consumer awareness or information handing capabilities influence resolutions and marketing results. Concurrently, operant conditioning engages a diverse succession of events thus perceived as learning.

The wide-ranging outline is behavior, consequence, and the possibility of the behavior to rise or descend. The Emirates Airlines embraces learning, as well as memory, to enact positive consumer behavior towards their products. They sometimes grant offers while trying out new products. Behavior arises from either individual realms, or groups. It entails the exploitation, disposal, and product acquisition.

II. Importance of Marketers’ Understanding on Consumers Learning on Products and Services

The marketers’ knowledge of how the consumers learn about their products is vital in the Emirates Airlines. The most fundamental one is for the marketing scheme meant to augment the promotion campaigns. The illustration of this concept is vivid by the discovery that travelers are more receptive to flight advertisements throughout December holidays when most tourists tend to fly abroad for leisure than any other season. The organization understands that new services primarily meet adoption by few individuals, and eventually the entire population. The marketers must be patient as the product steers through these rigorous phases while the organization has to finance the marketing projects to uphold the products buoyancy until they convene a commercial hit. The emirates marketers significantly understand how consumers learn about their services and support the gratification of initial customers, since they will in turn sway many successive clients’ brand preferences[2].

III. Emirates conditioning results

Conditioning denotes the growth of behavior variation, which connects a desired behavior to a product with a previously unrelated stirring service. It aids in the successful promotion of new products. Emirates Airlines have effectively implemented such conditioning strategies with positive results. This extremely firm, with affirmative results, employs several aspects of conditioning encompassing typical, operant, and vicarious erudition.

They employ unconditional stimulus, which brings forth unrestricted responses from the customers towards a new product. The corporation also embraces repositioning, which engages an attempt to transform consumer perceptions of a brand, typically turning out to be less striking. Customer’s behavior and induced receptiveness are the key components of this achievement.

The rewarding of the customers behavior either at intervals or at some fixed duration is paramount in the arenas of conditioning[3]. In vicarious learning, the clients do not usually undertake the learning procedures by themselves. Occasionally, they possibly learn from examining their fellow clients.


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