Emergency between then to now is drastically different.

Emergency Medical Technician ( EMT) should be considered lifesavers or even heros. EMT’s begin in the early 1970’s. From the research I’ve been seeing, it started in Pittsburgh. When the Emt was created, during that time racial segregation was still a problem still. So, EMT’s would just throw you in the back of the ambulance, they wouldn’t even sit back with you.

As Beras Erika article states, “Back in those days, you had to hope and pray you had nothing serious,” recalls filmmaker and Hollywood paramedic Gene Starzenski, who grew up in Pittsburgh. “Because basically, the only thing they did was pick you up and threw you in the back like a sack of potatoes, and they took off for the hospital. They didn’t even sit in the back with you.”Also, from when Emt first came out, the differences between then to now is drastically different. For example in figure 1, it shows a ambulance in 1941, what it was like in the back of a ambulance. In figure 2, it shows a ambulance in 1970, the back of a ambulance has changed majorly, spacing and technology.

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Then from 1970, the ambulance in the 2000’s (shown in figure 3) was greatly improved with more resources and technology. In the 1970’s ( around that time ), when EMT’s were first introduced, there was no testing or requirements for EMTs to pass. As I was reading a article from NREMT and EMS, they stated, ” There was a time when there were no consistent standards for training and testing for Emergency Medical Service (EMS) professionals.

When patients were injured or ill, they didn’t know what level of medical attention they would receive. The education and ability of those providing emergency care or first aid varied. As a result, many patients may have been permanently disabled due to poorly trained personnel.” Now days, Emts are required 120 hours of training.

The requirements for a Emt is; knowing and giving CPR ( Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation), helping peoples that get asthma attacks and allergic reactions, and so on. The one fact I find interesting is, EMTs are not allowed to use anything that will break through the skin, meaning they are not allowed to use needles. Only the paramedics are allowed to use needles, and learn to resuscitate and support patients with crucial problems such as heart attacks and traumas.

Today’s EMTs respond to almost all emergencies including; car wrecks, mountain biking wrecks, and more. A interesting fact that I learned was, when I had a accident  on a mountain biking accident. When that accident happened I was unconscious when it happened, but the interesting fact that I remember was, when I was in the ambulance, I do remember having a IV in my arm. As a EMT their not allowed to use needles, when I say EMTs respond to almost every emergencies, EMT and paramedics usually go together to the accident.

A paramedics and EMTs use a technique that was called triage used in the Civil War, they would mark people according to their injury. People that were marked green, those patients had minor injuries, the patients tagged yellow had non-life-threatening injuries, and those with red tags needed to be transported to the hospital immediately. The black-tagged individuals were expected to die. The reason that paramedics use the technique triage was to identify the most injured and treat the most serious patients. This research made me realize the importance of EMTs and paramedics. Also, considering from when EMTs first came out in the 1970’s, to now the 2000’s, there’s a significant improvement with the training.

Lastly, paramedics are the ones that bring the loved ones of family back to home. They are the ones that will not stop until the have done everything they can, when that’s not enough, the toll it takes on the paramedic is like losing their friend, or even a family member.     


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