Email to sort out things at the start

Email marketing: it will be measured on the open rate that is how many opened it, bounce which didn’t deliver, click through rate who went to the hyperlink and considered the site, unsubscribe the message as soon as it was received these is how email marketing can be measured. Facebook insights give detail information about the page such as viewed people, reached target, in-depth view, liked a page, subscribe etc. same with tweeter and YouTube. (salesfusion, 2013) The digital and traditional campaign of the mercury energy will be a successful campaign. As they know where their current position in the market. they have studied the market as well as their competitors and after doing depth research about the market they have come up with a solid strategy which can be called as the Low-price strategy.

The people will fall in love with the company and won’t think much about them as it is the product will be the same, but the price will be reduced and on top of that extra bonus for joining is just like the cherry on the cake. The timing of the campaign will also play a vital role. Because it’s the start of the year and people usually love to sort out things at the start of the year, so they don’t need to consider this matter until the next year. The tracking down the record of the campaign will give accurate number and percentage of the campaign success.  The marketing strategy to attract the new customer and retaining the customer with extra credit who are on open term contract.  Will increase the sales and revenue and these 2 months campaign will build almost 40-50k customer or more.

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 The sales from the traditional marketing must be somewhere around 15k and there will be a track of these sales as the door to door, direct mail, T.V, radio etc will be recorded separately. The online Facebook account follower will increase by at the most 4k followed by 10% rise in the other social media like tweeter, Instagram, and YouTube.  Sale through digital marketing is expected to be more than 20k as the promotion online promotion will be through the campaign.

Social media metrics model can be proposed to the campaign where the exposure regarding the promotion is given to the people through a traditional and digital campaign which are followed to engage the customers through different offers given such as 2% discount on online payments. The campaign will also influence others to consider it as it embraces to give a taught about our nature and gives an option where if you join us you can help directly or indirectly to protect the environment, these will give impact and increase the traffic of the social site for mercury leading to the advocacy where people will recommend and become follower and loyal customers of mercury energy.


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