Email of the main point that was

EmailBusiness of today mainly converse or correspond with one another though emails. It is noticed to be a very important means of communication in most companies among work colleagues, and also interacting with the outside world.It is also noticed that email enables us to provide electronic evidence when a fraudulent activity transpires. This brings about a surprisingly large amount of information present in a user’s inbox that can be retrieved when using advanced mail technologies.In such situation, a sender or a perpetrator can be recognized through their extremely affected emotional state when conversing through email. One of the main point that was scrutinized are their negative emotion words, pronouns, exclusive words and action verbs in emails.

A less complex and fabricated story is also characterized by a greater occurrence of action verbs. Normally perpetrator normally felt guilty for committing such fraudulent activities, they subconsciously felt a higher frequency of negative emotion words. Perpetrators are able to be known by ranking how deceiving their emails approached are.

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