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Ella WintersBarrierDictators and TyrantsDecember 13thPowerpoint NotesSlide 3;The Cultural Revolution was one of the most difficult times in chinese history Mao claimed the elites were trying to undermine the governmentshut down the nation’s schools Students formed groups called the Red Guards and attacked the elderly1.5 million were killedGLFTrying to modernise china’s economy by a mass steel campaign, and the formation of communes The chinese people were not taught or properly equipped to produce quality steel and the quality of this mass-produced steel was so poor that no use could be found for it.He thought the chinese people were capable of anything so they could survive this.

He was Wrong Slide 4:Hua Guofeng, was Mao’s chosen successor.Deng’s “reform and opening” policy was approved in which his rival Hua Guofeng was oustedChina opened up more and socialist programs were dismantledThrough immense political influence he became the ruler of china from 1978-1992Deng broke of connections with Maoist isolationism in the late 1970s.Slide 5;For nearly three weeks nearly a million Chinese flooded Beijing to protest for greater democracy and the exit of the communist leaders.

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Their political freedom was limited and they were fed up.Chinese troops stormed through Tiananmen Square firing into the crowds of protesters.Most protesters fought back which only made the troops fight harder.housands of the protesters had been killed and as many as 10,000 were arrested.Slide 6; Even though the quality of life was greatly improves this created a huge gap between social classesHe believed in order for China to re-emerge as one of the world’s dominant nations it has to learn to compete in technology and in economic growth against the westSlide 7;More interested with the outcomes than ideologyFirst time  the class struggle was taken as second priorityPut in place to make China a great economic power by the early 21st century. stressed economic self-relianceChina was able to speed up its economic development through foreign investmentAgriculture-  dismantled communes and collective farmsIndustry-  Chinese students went abroad to pursue advanced degrees in scientific fields, demands grew at home for more artistic, literary, and political expression.

Military- serve the civilian economy. Arms production stopped in many factories except for strategic weapons to maintain China’s nuclear deterrent.SLide 8;The economy was rapidly opened to foreign investorsAll countries have a right to open contact trade with ChinaThis also removed isolationism Deng realized the economic success of his capitalist neighbours so he realized he would have to adopt some capitalist policies as wellDeng was also willing to grow connections with the prospering west in order to help china Slide 9 Deng’s slow removal from political power helped Jiang achieve a seamless transition.Deng was known as the man who gave china the power it has todaySuch rapid economic growth in China was unimaginable yet people were not sure whether to refer to him as a hero due to what happened with Tiananmen Square


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