Electronic fully acknowledge any sources of information

Electronic Challan System for Traffic Police by Romeo Ngenda Simasiku 218040652 Submitted in fulfillment of the requirements for the degree Master in Informantics in the Department of Computer Science and Informantics at the UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Supervisor (Mr, Paduri Veerabhadram) Co-supervisor (Title, initials and surname of supervisor) Date of submission dd/mm/yyyy DECLARATION I, (Romeo Ngenda Simasiku) , . hereby declare that the work contained in the proposal for the degree.project, entitled (title of the project)., is my own original work and that I have not previously in its entirety or in part submitted it at any university or other higher education institution for the award of a degree.

I further declare that I will fully acknowledge any sources of information I will use for the research in accordance with the Institution rules. Signature _____________________________ Date _____________________ Signature of the Supervisor I, _____________________________, herewith declare that I accept this proposal for my supervision Signature _____________________________ Date _____________________ Electronic Challan System for Traffic Police Abstract Web-Based Application is rapidly transforming the world, making information easier to access. This transformation has been observed through organizations developing new technologies to help in running their operation effective and smoothly. Such technologies have helped organization to increase its interaction with clients and maximized their profits. New technology can be solution or can be applied to any situation countries around the World have proved it that by using technology to monitor and penalize road traffic offenders is effective in reducing traffic violation. In Namibia, Road Safety authorities are concerned with an increase in accidents and these are most caused by over speeding. The existing methods that are aimed to reduce traffic problems particularly with over speeding in the country seem to fail.

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Officers responsible for traffic related matters deployed across the country are still failing to control and prevent over speeding on high ways due to the unavailability of any connectivity on the field. Collecting data of violators by the traffic officer is not possible in the current system, because they are not directed connected to the traffic system. Resources are being wasted at each police station because they manually update information. There is no information about the previous offences committed by the traffic violator also there is no proper tracking record of the fines collected by policemen. The system proposed in this paper is to develop a system that will centralize all this information and have it ready to be accessed. The main component of this system contains real time speed sensor, GPS, GSM system.

We propose to develop a system that will automatically generate an E-Challan by recording the speed of the vehicle and its geographical location by means of GPS. This message will be sent to the server of the Traffic police department and the owner of the vehicle to notify that a fine has been issued due to over speeding. Keywords Traffic Fine, GPS, GSM, E-Challan, Quick Response Code (QR), INTRODUCTION Around the world the main causer of motor vehicle accidents are over speeding. Despite of many traffic rules like speed zone, stopping at traffic light etc people simply avoid them. Despite of national road safety strategy and laws on speed limit, 3 out of 10 accidents are caused due to over speeding. Over speeding of vehicle is posing a threat to both the pedestrians and other vehicle users in the whole country. In the absence of police officers, motorists are unable to control their speed and only comply if motorists come across a road block.

This type of attitude applied by drivers has resulted in millions of dollars being spent on road maintenance, hundreds of lives being lost through speeding accidents and other road related matters. BACKGROUND It is against this background that something should be done to reduce or eliminate this killing attitude from motorists. In the past local road authorities used manual methods of enforcing traffic regulations and by so doing this caused inconsistences in road administrations. The use of Information Technology was neglected to be used as a tool to administer, educate and enforcement of this these traffic regulations. This research study will discuss implementation of Electronic Challan System for Traffic Police, the study will help in monitoring the over speeding and violation of other road traffic rules.

The traffic system currently being used by the Windhoek City Police is a Manual Management System. Information storage is still done manually and the fillings of traffic fine documents issued to offenders are kept in cabinets. The system does not have any special functionality in terms of notifying offenders about the current status of their fine/penalty that was issued. If an inquiry is made by drivers, the officer will have to go and search for the file of that specific person and this will require an amount of time because of trying to find the file.

Some files have gone missing because there are piles of documents piled up in cabinets, so information security does not exist and this has led to un-consistence of information within the organization. Therefore, this study aims to develop a system to address and reduce challenges that hinder to make roads safer. PROBLEM STATEMENT Road authorities particularly the Windhoek City Police is faced with a rise in accident mainly caused by over speeding and the type of systems to be put in place to control speeding by motorists and other criminal activities involving vehicles.

Authorities have found it challenging to enforce and reduce the violation of speeding. This has put most of the road user including pedestrian in danger. Monitoring of vehicle on the road has been a challenge for those driving long distance. Drivers have a tendency of only obeying to traffic rules when there is a police officer in their presence. Drivers are also in the dark about the status of their traffic fine since the current system does not have online enquiries.

Drivers have no access to information regarding issued traffic fine, so this has led many peoples traffic fines advancing to warrant of arrest without notification. Main Question How can Electronic Challan System for Traffic Police be developed Sub Questions What can improve the existing manual systems How should the system be structure What kind of modules will the system be developed from RESEARCH OBJECTIVE(S) The aim of this research is to develop an integrated system with the aim of combining different technologies to address challenges that local road authorities are faced with on the road. These technologies will be used by local Traffic Police to tackle violation of traffic rules and the use of vehicles in an unlawful manner. The research will be developed to integrate administration of traffic violation and the issuing of electronic E-Challan to traffic violators.

Technologies like GPS and GSM will provide support to the application with the means of their technologies. Tracking location and the ware about of vehicles has become so common in the Morden world of today because of the technology incorporated in vehicles. (Pham, Drieberg, Nguyen, 2013) Found the ability to track vehicles is useful in many applications including security of personal vehicles, public transportation systems, fleet management and others. Furthermore, the number of vehicles on the road globally is also expected to increase rapidly. Therefore, the application of vehicle tracking system using the Global Positioning System (GPS) and Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) modem is undertaken with the aim of enabling users to locate their vehicles with ease and in a convenient manner. Specifically, the system will utilize GPS to obtain a vehicles coordinate and transmit it using GSM modem to the users phone through the mobile network.

The vehicle tracking system demonstrates the feasibility of near real-time tracking of vehicles and improved customizability, global operability and cost when compared to existing solutions. The invention of the satellite and its launching has over the years managed to transform the world with is technology. The satellite has managed to assist in some development of new ways of doing things and made it easier to understand how important technology is. For this GPS and GSM to work properly with the Electronic Challan System for Traffic Police, we will need to make use of the satellite technology by provision of coordinates. Below will be the proposed structure and procedure of the system to be developed.

It will require a traffic police officer with a smart phone/ device. Application created and connected to the GPS and GSM will be installed on this phone/ device. Every police officer will have unique login details and a password. This application will be created to record the violations committed by the offenders and also the fine issued will be updated automatically to the police database. The overall design of Electronic Challan System for Traffic Police has different modules that it requires, first one is database which will contain all the data related to vehicle, second is the form generation of vehicle information and the other is the generator of message to be sent to driver. GSM that monitors the speed of the vehicle and last is GPS that will locate the location of the vehicle. This project consist of two hardware components which are mobile phone operating on android operating system which will be used to scan and other hardware component is QR code sticker to be scanned.

When a QR code sticker is scanned with mobile phone operating on android operating system then the scanned sticker will get identified as soon as number get identified will look for the desired vehicle information, when it finds the information will be present on phone of the police officer and then he will put reason for Challan and Challan will be issued to rule breaker. All this has been done a message will be sent to the owner of the vehicle regarding the Challan. According to (Shunmugapriva, Kanmani, Supraja, Hemalatha, 2013) QR Code is the abbreviation for Quick Response Code, which is a machine-readable optical label with information on the associated product or vehicle. QR Code has a wide range of applications. QR Code is a 2D matrix Bar Code where the information is stored both in horizontal and vertical dimensions. QR Code can hold a larger amount of data in a smaller space about a specific vehicle performs reliable error-correction at higher speed and has faster response time. Increasing use of smart phones among all age groups made accessing QR Code easier by providing end-user content, including ownership of vehicle, past records with the police and personal details etc. Figure.

2. QR codes We are proposing that the data of every vehicle owner will be assigned with a QR code sticked (Quick Response Code) to the vehicle itself. So when a motorist violate traffic rules and caught by a police officer, the police officer will scan the QR code with scanner on his smart phone (app) and enter the offense of the motorist which will be sent to the traffic database against that vehicle user. Same record will also be sent to the vehicle user cell phone number. The terminal prints the Challan and it will be updated online. This system will also enable the police officer to know whether the vehicle involved in the violation of traffic offence is stolen, the history of the vehicle or driver in accidents, and whether any notice from the traffic department is pending against the vehicle. Payment gateway integration is also possible for getting payment through e-payment.

The main component of this system contains real time speed sensor, GPS, GSM system. We propose to develop a system that will automatically generate an E-Challan by recording the speed of the vehicle using GSM and its geographical location by means of GPS. The recorded over speeding in a form of a message will be sent to the server of the Traffic police department as a fine and to the owner of the vehicle to notify that a fine has been issued due to over speeding. 3. LITERATURE REVIEW In this review we will focus our research on what other research has been conducted and relate all these past research study to our topic. According to Fink (2014) literature review surveys books, scholarly articles, and any other sources relevant to a particular issue, area of research, or theory, and by so doing, provides a description, summary, and critical evaluation of these works in relation to the research problem being investigated.

Literature reviews are designed to provide an overview of sources you have explored while researching a particular topic and to demonstrate to your readers how your research fits within a larger field of study. The following keywords and related work were considered Automatic E-Challan generation for Traffic Violation, Highway over-speeding vehicle detecting circuit, Video speed detection system. 3.

1 AUTOMATIC E-CHALLAN GENERATIONS FOR TRAFFIC VIOLATION There are many ways an E-Challan can be classified and be used according to what the intended developer wishes. In many countries around the world e.g. India, the use of E-Challan systems are being made and used to the fullest capacity despite the countrys huge population. (Avinash Shinde, 2017) Automatic E-Challan generation for traffic violation is a PLC based project that will automatically detect the violating vehicles and accurately punish them.

This project is designed to reduce the work of traffic police officers so that they can focus on other violations like illegal parking, driving on the wrong side and drunk driving. It is clear that when road authorities (traffic officers) apply Information Technology in their daily operation traffic activities, violation of traffic offences will be reudces to a minimum and this will make our road a safer environment. The need to implement technologies that can work automatic is highly influenced by the growing population of people and the increasing number of vehicles in the city that has made it difficult for police officers to control movements of vehicle and high volume of traffic congestion on the road. According to (Rounak Sathe, 2017) A 24 V DC power supply is given to the programmable controller (PLC). The Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) scanner and the lamps are connected to the PLC. When one of the red lamps is on, the RFID scanner corresponding to that red lamp will also simultaneously turn on.

The RFID scanner will detect a tag if the vehicle violates the red light. The RFID scanner output is thus given to the controller input. The controller will then compare this tag with the database and identify and enter the violator details into the program. There are many advantages to this system and among other is the reduction of paper work processed by the Traffic administration office.

3.2 HIGHWAY OVER-SPEEDING VEHICLE DETECTING CIRCUIT Rash driving causes a serious danger to the driver as well as general public. Despite the fact that rash driving is a serious problem, its current methods of detection by patrol officers lack sufficiency. According to (Jain, 2015) given the huge mileage of driveways, the number of patrol officers is far from enough to observe and analyse every drivers behaviours. (Kumar, 2015), the guidelines of rash driving patterns are only descriptive and visual observations cannot specify the details of driving at night or in poor weather. In the present system, to detect rash driving police has to use a handheld radar gun and aim at the vehicle to record its speed.

According to Singh (1998) The advantage of our proposed over speed driving warning system is that it will come handy for the highway traffic police as it will not only provide a digital display in accordance with a vehicles speed but will also sound an alarm if the vehicle exceeds the permissible speed for the highway. (Arora, 2015) The proposed system will check on rash driving by calculating the speed of a vehicle using the time taken to travel between the two set points at a fixed distance. A set point consists of a pair of sensors comprising of an IR transmitter and an IR receiver, each of which are installed on either sides of the road.

The speed limit is set by the police who use the system depending upon the traffic at the very location. The time taken by the vehicle to travel from one set point to the other is calculated by control circuit. Based on that time, it then calculates the speed and displays that on seven segment displays. Moreover if the vehicle crosses the speed limit, a buzzer sounds alerting the police. This concept can be extended in future by integrating a camera with the system which could capture the image of the number plate of the vehicle to sends that to the traffic authorities. 3.4. STUDY ON LICENSE PLATE SCANNING WITH E-CHALLAN This report presents an android application for accurate recognition and translation of text, given an Android mobile having a camera.

As the technology is growing day by day, the expectations of the users are also increasing. Android is the common platform in current situation because everyone has android smart phones so people will not need to buy another device for operation. By keeping this in mind we have decided to use android platform. Pooja (2017) The automatic number plate scanning is the systematic way of scanning the license plate and issuing of challan, it eliminates the time taken in the challan issuing system and also it would remove black money transaction which is present in current challan issuing system. This reduces the chances of corruptions between traffic officers. One of the challenges that traffic officers encounter during their daily duties is that motorists try by all means to bribe police officers when they are found violating the law. By the new challan system this bribing will be minimized. According to Tambatkar (2017) The overall design of license plate scanning with E- Challan has four modules first one is the scanner which will scan the number plate of vehicle, second is database which will contain all the data related to vehicle, third is the form generation of vehicle information and last is the receipt generation.

This project consist of two hardware components which are mobile phone operating on android operating system which will be used to scan the number plate of vehicle and other hardware component is license plate to be scanned. When a license plate is scanned with mobile phone operating on android operating system then the scanned number will get identified as soon as number get identified will look for the desired vehicle information, when it finds the information will be present on phone of the police officer and then he will put reason for challan and challan will be issued to rule breaker. Figure2. Conceptual flow of project showing modules involved 3.

3 VIDEO SPEED DETECTION SYSTEM As discussed above, in modern automated speed law enforcement, a speed measuring device is often supplemented with enforcement cameras that take photographs of speeding vehicles. The device measures vehicle speeds and triggers the enforcement camera(s) to take photographs of vehicles traveling above a predetermined speed limit. However, while the recorded photographs can be used to identify the registered owner or even the driver of the offending vehicle, they cannot be used to reproduce the speed of the vehicle based on which the citation is issued. Therefore, it is of immense advantage to have a system that is not only capable of accurately measuring vehicle speeds in real time but also is capable of reproducing the vehicle speeds from recorded video evidence. According to Jigang (2013), Video speed detection system is a system that can both accurately measure vehicle speeds in real time and reproduce the vehicle speeds either manually or automatically from the recorded video evidence. The system comprises a tracking camera and a processing unit. The tracking camera is capable of generating accurately time-stamped images of the monitored road and streaming them to the processing unit at a high frame rate. The processing unit processes each frame it receives from the tracking camera to detect and identify moving vehicles, and continues to track the detected vehicles through subsequent frames until the vehicles exit the tracking cameras field of view.

The processing unit may be further configured to provide a graphical user interface (GUI) to the user of the system. The GUI may be configured to receive the actual dimension of the measurement area from a user of the system. The GUI may be also configured to provide live video of the measurement area from the tracking camera. RECOMMENDATIONS The above technologies are all sort of tools that one have used to try and tackle some other issues that road authorities are challenged with. These methods managed to unfold a solution to a problem that traffic officers found it hard to tackle manually.

These literature review has shown that the world is evolving at a faster pace and this has made our roads more challenging to control and monitor by setting up road blocks and doing random patrol. The literature have enlighten to us that a combination of technologies together can perform much better and efficiently than the visibility of a traffic officer on the road. These systems are similar to Electronic Challan System for Traffic Police because of the way technologies are interacted to one another. Applications these systems are not having are a platform to provide an E-Challan system that will send a message to the driver/owner of the vehicle to alert him about the violation he has caused. The positioning of the vehicle on the road is one important tool. These systems does not have the use of GPS to identify the position or location the vehicle was been driven when it violated traffic rule. When we analyzed the two literatures, we realized that online payment was omitted to be included in these systems which seems to have played a significant role.

By giving a chance to clients to do payments online without going to do it at the office, reduces the queueing up of people who wish to pay for their fines. SIGNIFICANCE OF THE RESEARCH STUDY This research study is significant to local road authorities and national police agencies who practice and enforce the traffic regulation and transport act. It is important to these agencies because of the part the system will play in changing the mindset of road users and the enforcement of the traffic regulations. RESEARCH METHODOLOGY In this research study, we will use mixed research methodology (Qualitative and Quantitative methodology) to gather information from Windhoek City Police department because we will conduct interviews to obtain information from participants and conduct survey from all the journals and case studies containing information about the current systems. Mixed methods research is a methodology for conducting research that involves collecting, analyzing and integrating quantitative (e.g., experiments, surveys) and qualitative (e.

g., focus groups, interviews) research. This approach to research is used when this integration provides a better understanding of the research problem than either of each alone. By mixing both quantitative and qualitative research and data, the researcher gains in breadth and depth of understanding and corroboration, while offsetting the weaknesses inherent to using each approach by itself. One of the most advantageous characteristics of conducting mixed methods research is the possibility of triangulation, i.e., the use of several means (methods, data sources and researchers) to examine the same phenomenon.

The survey will be conducted based on gender and we target male the most. Male traffic officers are the most who have a keen interest in the field of traffic. A sample of 5 groups consisting of 5 participants will be used in this survey to collect data from. We target an age group between 20- 40 years. The study of this research will concentrate on the old existing system to identify weaknesses that new system should contain to address challenges that road authorities and motorists are faced with.

By studying the old system, we will manage to identify and upgrade function, performance and quality of the new system, this will prove reliability of the data collected from the participants of this research study. Participants in this research study will be members who are directly working with local road authorities. To insure that data been collected is reliable and will make this study a success, the participation of experienced traffic officer for collecting data and analyzing will help in validating the information.

DELINEATIONS AND LIMITATIONS Delineations This system is only going to Issue traffic fine automatically for violation on the road by the use of GSM and GPS technology Notifying the vehicles owner about speed fine through sending a message to the phone. Use QR sticker to obtaining information about the vehicle. Allow drivers to pay online if they have a traffic fine pending on their name. Limitation It will be hard to get all the information since the stuff members with the right information wont be available at all times and sometimes they claim to be busy and in a rush. Furthermore the sample of this study will be very small due to time constraint. Lack of available or reliable data will likely limit the scope of the research study, the size of the sample. ASSUMPTIONS This research study will be complex and questions being asked or given to the participants will be the same. The participants will answer the interview questions in an honest and candid manner.

Participants have a sincere interest in participating in this research and do not have any other motives, such as getting a better grade or impressing their job supervisor because they agreed to be in this research study. FEASIBILITY ANALYSIS AND ETHICAL CONSIDERATIONS Anyone who will take part in this research study is fully aware of the nature and purpose of this research, what their role in it will be, and how the data they provide will be subsequently used. That means all participants are not pressurized and willingly volunteered to fully cooperate. All participants information will be kept confidential and that participants can withdraw from the study at any time. WORK PLAN TaskTask sub-objectivesResourcesDeliverablesStart and finish dateDurationDependency task numbers1Renaming research topicObservation Research Topic12 February to 30 March 201835days2Research through reading of articlesBooks, articles and other research papersGetting enough information02 April to 13 April 201811 daysProposal topic3Finalizing the research proposalArticles and booksResearch proposal16 April to 27 April 201810 daysResearch Proposal4Proposal Presentation18 May 2018 Resources needed NumberResources QuantitySpecificationPurposeCostsAvailability2InternetFor researching on the internetN 700 per month3LaptopAcer 1.6GHz, with a satisfying 8GB of memory to go alongFor typing the researchN 60004Money for PetrolI have my own car N 700 10. CHAPTER OUTLINE Chapter One Introduction will focus on introducing the past challenges that road authorities were challenged with in terms of traffic matters. Chapter Two On this chapter we talked about objectives and what the research intends to achieve.

Chapter Three We will talk about the review of other researches related to this research study. After comparing all these literature, recommendations will be proposed for a new system. Chapter Four To explain why the study is important and who can benefit from this research study. How can they benefit and how can the system improve their organization.

Chapter Five In this chapter we identify the type of research methodology to be used. In this research we identified mixed and explained why we chose it. Chapter Six Under this chapter the limitations and delimitations sections of your research proposal describe situations and circumstances that may affect or restrict your methods and analysis of research data. On limitations will highlight influences that the we cannot control.

Chapter Seven In this section we outline the true assumptions that will take place during the research study. Chapter Eight This an important concept to take into consideration when planning for a project Ethical feasibility is a test to determine if the project is ethical, or even legal. Chapter Nine This is a detailed accounting of this research study and the timeframe involved about accomplishing a specific task. REFERENCES Avinash Shinde, Rounak Sathe, Prakash Sutar, Prof.R.Sadakale, (2017) automatic e-challan generation for traffic violation, e-ISSN 2348 – 4470, print-ISSN 2348-640 Fink, Arlene. (2014) Conducting Research Literature Reviews Fourth edition. Thousand Oaks, CA SAGE HYPERLINK http//ieeexplore.


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