Electricity able to construct a device that may

Electricity is basically one
of the prime contributors of the economic development of a country. The
tendency of economic growth leads to a large use of energy, such renewable and
non-renewable energy as the sources of production of electricity. The consumption
of electric energy in the Philippines has grown fast and took over 82,413,213
megawatt-hour in 2015 up to 90,797,891 megawatt-hour as of 2016 and will
continue to rise to upcoming years. Consequently, there is a scarcity of the
supply and knowing what probable solution should be a quite challenge.

inequality between demand in power consumption and unstable supply of electric energy
is the main reason of a sudden power interruption. This factor will surely
affect the industry and residential area for they are much dependable on
electricity. The condition to ensure and to have a reliable power generation strive
people to study some alternative solution, one possible option is through the
use of a simple generator. A simple generator will sustain an electric power
during blackout, electrical maintenance and other electrical problems.  Coal, oil, and petroleum are the most commonly
used prime mover of a generator in order to generate electricity. However, the
combustion of these fossil fuels contributes to a large emission of carbon
dioxide in the atmosphere which has an adverse effect to the environment. It is
highly recommended to lessen these greenhouse gasses that lead to global warming
and climate change. The conversion of renewable energy into useful form helps
to minimize the carbon emission, beside it is also a source of energy that can
be conserved and replenish. Although the renewable energy only relies to our
intermittent nature, this only means that the generated output will depend upon
the weather condition. Any idea of possible thing that can substitute for fuel other
than renewable energy, which may guarantee to meet demand and supply of power generation,
would be more brilliant.

is all the way to our journey as a researcher and a student of Bachelor in
Science in Electrical Engineering to be able to construct a device that may
help to have sustainable electric energy without any harmful effects to the
environment. The use of Permanent Magnet as a Free Energy Generator, applied by
the principle of magnetism, two similar poles will produce a repulsive force
causing a torque that will act as the prime mover of the generator producing
electric energy.


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