Elected his language basing on Jakobson’s model of

Elected as the new 45th president of United States, Mr. Donald J. Trump at the inauguration ceremony delivered a speech with his usual fiery tone of a sophisticated businessman addressing the audience, and undoubtedly echoed with the rhetoric and tenor of the presidential campaigns that swept him into Whitehouse with relentlessly inward-looking for a nation that was long defined itself as a powerful democracy. Probing into Mr.

Trump’s political remarks and replies during his presidential campaign prompting the votes was thus essential for interpreting the unbelievable success of his winning of presidential campaign. The aim of this analysis was to uncover the most frequently applied functions of his language basing on Jakobson’s model of functions of language with Mr. Trump’s previous responses to 3 political questions in an interview, through which I attempted to realize what quintessence consisted in his characteristic ways of utterance and the manipulation of political discourse.

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