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El Presidente focuses on the story of the life of General Emilio Aguinaldo who was elected by the leaders of Katipunan.

This story tells about the battles and the hardships that Emilio Aguinaldo faced during his time to win the battles between the Spanish Colonization and the Philippines and how he joined and became a member of Katipunan. Emilio Aguinaldo is a tax collector in his younger years. After several years, he joins the Katipunan and becomes the mayor of Cavite. During the Tejeros Convention where Aguinaldo is elected as the president of Katipunan, Tirona objects to his position. Aguinaldo orders for Bonifacio’s exile because of his rages. Several months later, he signs the Pact of Biak-na-Bato and flies to Hong Kong where he meets US officials who offered him support in the middle of the Spanish-American War.

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The First Philippine Republic is established as he returns and declares independence from Spain. Eventually, US forces arrive in the Philippines. After General Luna’s assassination, war with the Americans breaks out which lead to fleeing of Aguinaldo to North Luzon.

He accepts the American occupation, lives a peaceful life, and gets married.


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