Effect of Media on Owning a Home

Most people dream of owning a home before they retire. Therefore, they commit a significant amount of their resources to achieve this goal (McMichael, 2004). This desire results in a constant demand for houses in all classes of the society. In some cases, companies provide their employees with mortgage facilities while most banks provide loans to eligible customers who want to be homeowners.

In this sense, owning a home is a deeply emotive issue that makes people to sacrifice in order to have their own property before they retire. One of the key sources of information regarding homeownership is the press. There are programs broadcasted on television that provide consumers with information on trends surrounding home ownership.

In addition, several magazines provide information relating to opportunities for owning homes and the avenues available for consumers to secure financing. These two sources provide a glimpse of the role the media plays in the decision consumers make regarding home ownership. This is why it makes sense to explore the role the media has been playing in shaping the attitudes of consumers towards home ownership in the last few years. The period is significant because there has been a property bubble characterized by difficult economic times.

The target audience for the essay includes all potential homeowners. In particular, it targets those who are actively considering entering into a plan to own a home. The goal of the essay is to show them the effect the media has on their thinking and in shaping their attitudes towards owning a home. This should help them in the evaluation of their home ownership plan because it will point out to them the influence of the media in their thinking process.

They will feel freer and confident that they are making independent decisions once they are clear about the influence that the media has on them regarding owning a home. Currently, most people planning to own homes are skeptical. This is because of the economic hardships most countries are facing that have led to the devaluation of property prices. In addition, the media has been vocal in highlighting the problems bedeviling the real estate sector.

The purpose of writing to potential homeowners is to highlight the impact of the media on the decision making process of potential homeowners. After seeing the effects of the media in their decision making process, they will feel more confident about their choices. They will also know whether they are using their own specific circumstances in this decision or whether the influence is external.

The overall effect is that the readers will be more objective regarding their choice of a home ownership plan based on their unique needs and circumstances rather than on aggregated needs. They will see the influence of the media on American culture (Kemper, 2009).

The media plays the role of a spokesperson in America. It normally pursues agenda with the widest public interest because such agenda generate demand for media services, which in turn influences their profitability. The media aggregates issues in order to appeal to a wide audience.

In order to get good answers to the questions the essay will raise, it will be necessary to scrutinize the media outlets that provide information about home ownership. The ranges of media that people consult when making this decision includes television, newspapers, and property magazines.

Other sources include the internet, property fairs, and promotional releases from mortgage firms. In order to get the information required to answer the questions related to the essay, it will be necessary to look up printed information regarding home ownership. Where possible, information will come from television programs that deal with matters relating to property ownership. Websites maintained by mortgage firms will also be a key source of information for the essay.

Specifically, the TV channels that will be under observation include CNN and BBC, which run programs on matters that shape the attitudes of potential homeowners. The sources of information will also include Forbes magazine, which analyzes trends in the high-end market. The third source of information will be assorted websites maintained by mortgage firms, interest groups, and regulators.

The most significant challenge anticipated in writing this essay is the separation of fact from bias (Bernard, 2011). The essay is seeking to identify the influence of the media on potential homeowners. The potential homeowners receive information from various sources such as their friends and relatives, bankers, lawyers and coworkers. It will be difficult to isolate the input of the media towards the attitudes of the potential homeowners.

This means that it will be necessary to verify all assertions by looking at scientific research relating to the influence of the media. In addition, the opinion of regulators and industry analysts will be a useful source of information for the essay.

The best assistance that the class can provide towards validating the assertions the essay will make is by helping to identify work done by reputable analysts and industry experts. In addition, the class can help by suggesting possible sources of scientific research on the influence of the media on consumers (Mertler, 2006).


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