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MASS MEDIA’S EFFECT ON YOUTH Over the years, technology has progressed from being merely a form of practical functions to forms of entertainment, such as computer and video games. Since the commencement of these technological advancements, our lives have become significantly more convenient. However, as technology has considerably developed, it has had detrimental effects on members of society, especially on youth. Young people now identify social internet networks, video games, cell phones, and numerous other electronic amusements as essential technological devices.Nevertheless, juveniles are utilizing these electronic devices in a misguided manner, resulting in an increase of negative outcomes in this age group. Technology has adversely influenced how youths manage their time. Younger children’s daily routine is often regulated by parents, but after outgrowing the early stage, young people are given more freedom and authority to set their own limits.

Now being free of their parents’ supervision they are now taking advantage of their freedom by playing video games continuously.Rather than using their time productively, the majority of teens boundlessly play video games, go on Facebook, and text on their cell phone. Many even carelessly use their time by texting discretely in school all day. Most teenagers are aware that they are consuming an excessive amount of their time on mass media, but they do not bother to modify their behaviour. This addictive pattern contributes to many factors of failures in a youth’s life. As the degree of usage of technology started to augment in recent years, bullying in cyberspace has increased correspondingly.

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Bullying through the medium of social networks has become widely known as cyber bullying and known also as the most severe issue since existence of bullying. Cyber bullying was originally enabled by Internet and Facebook until the cyberspace expanded which stimulated youths to bully on their cell phones and much more devices. Facebook and cell phone gives individuals the capacity, accessibility, and even privilege to harass others without resulting punishments.Due to the high severity of offence obtained by the victims, there have been numerous suicidal attempts by victims, around the world, and the severity is rising day by day. Not only is it detrimental for the victims, but it also negatively affects the aggressor by perpetuating undesirable self-images. The “cyber” reputations they have developed for themselves may have the potential to negatively affect them in the future. In order to reduce the harm that is being exchanged, parents or guardians should try to become much more aware of the child’s social environment constructed by mass media.

The choices of video game genres made by youths are becoming much more violent and inappropriate for certain ages. According to my research, over than ninety percent of video games that are being played by youths involve violence or are labelled PG meaning that adult supervision is recommended. Even juveniles in their childhood are playing video games, categorized as PG without their parents’ consent. In the majority of PG games, the objective is to use violence to kill people.

Exposing young children to the violence and murder in video games will encourage wrong concept of life, death and violence. Children are not formally informed of what death is; therefore it is very easy for them to obtain misconceptions about death. As a result of becoming desensitized to death and aggression, the child will definitely exhibit more violence in his or her behaviour.

Year by year, the average mark of students is decreasing by approximately two percent and the number of school failures is increasing significantly.At the same time, technology is advancing yearly in all categories. This indicates that the growth of computers and electronic devices is interfering with the academic success of children rather than promoting it. Overuse of all types of electronic devices damage the brain and decreases IQs significantly, because of massive amounts of radioactivity absorbed by the user over the day. Teenagers do not restrain themselves from the Internet and cell phones, and consequently, end up mismanaging their time and declining in academic success.Although advances in technology have the potential to provide enrichment for us, without regulations abuse abound, young people tend to become preoccupied with mass media creating an imbalance in their lives, which leads to addictions and academic failures.

Technology has advanced itself unthinkably and it is a crucial factor on the cause of declines in children’s life. Ever since the creation of electronic devices, youth’s success and technology has been like two sitting across from each other on a seesaw; as one goes up, the other goes down and until now, teenagers’ success has seemed to be lowering itself gradually.


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