Introduction lessons on basic survival. Self management


In the world over, education is considered as success or power. This is a statement that is investigated in this paper. Life has changed in many people’s life through education or influence of education. The world has reached its current place of development because of education.

How education experiences have changed lives

The fist example on how valuable education can be beneficial is that of American president. Barrack Obama was able to pursue education in law and be able to rule the world’s super power. In his campaign trail, he incorporated the belief of change and self belief. Today, that has helped the American citizens to believe in themselves.

Africa and some parts of Asia are still considered being the least developed parts of the globe. However, this trend is slowly changing. A recorded progress in development has been noticed. This is due to their enlighten leaders who instill the value of education in their people. Life in these places has become better. (Arnetha, 2006).

Education through researched has saved a lot of lives. An example here is about the advancement in medicine production. Diseases are now curable. People can live longer and pursue their goals and dreams. Doctors are well educated to do their work of diagnosis well and find the problem in a patient. This shows that education saves lives which would otherwise have been lost. Also, technological advancement has been made possible by education. Machines have been invented that have made life easier.

Life in the American ghetto is hard and full of violence. Education however has been able to correct this. Those willing to pursue an excellent education have been able to leave this life and become more responsible. Books and influential forums have replaced guns in these places. This is proof that education has changed the lives of people.

Advantages of education

In every teaching or course thought in school or other learning institutions, one is equipped with lessons on basic survival. Self management is also a key factor in every education. By this information, one can plan properly for the future. (Anon,1843).

Through education and lessons taught in class, one can teach others or even share the knowledge to improve the lives of others. This is a crucial aspect in order to influence others and make them want more. Education is spread in every corner of the world through sharing.

People can generate ideas from education. Most people acquire the skeleton of an idea from the class. They then transfer this knowledge to the various fields of expertise. From here, one can generate ideas after having much experience in the related field. Most of the ideas acquired are used to improve the original concept. (William, 1826)

Entertainment has been made good through education. Recorded music can be shared or stored in different parts of the world. In this way, people can then acquire the culture of different people. Scientifically, entertainment has been made more vibrant and enjoyable than before by inventing better musical instruments. (The weekly source of African American political and entertainment news, 1984).

Education lead to the invention of computers as it is known globally. Often small children or people get lost or disconnected from their loved ones and family members. That has changed as tracking has been made easier. The use of computers and broadcast media to trace people makes lost hope and joy be restored

Medicine is one of the greatest developments in the education sector. Health can now be restored or even maintained. In education, where there is enough research on diet, people can live longer and watch over themselves than before. (National Education Association of the United States, 1922)

Disadvantages of education

These, unlike the advantages, are rather few and happen in rare cases.

The most obvious disadvantage of education is the stigma associated with people who are not educated. Some people view this people as less capable of living a healthy life than them. It becomes worse when the most elite people stop associating themselves with this people. (OECD 2008).

In education, one can also have misguided beliefs when they don’t acquire the full or required information. This in some cases ends up being disastrous. A good example of this application is when one handles chemical compositions and does the wrong mixture.

In some cases, the most educated people may believe that they are the most influential or have to be right. In the end, they don’t listen to advice which would have otherwise been helpful. Some of the arrogant people, who are educated end up making the wrong decisions as they thought they were always right or better than their uneducated friends.

Another good example of this disadvantage is when people despise their traditional morals or beliefs because of education. Some of the traditional rules or obligations are set to maintain or improve the lives of people. With education, a lot has changed in terms of respecting the traditional system. People who are educated tend to free themselves from all these.

Education has lead to the invention of dangerous weapons and arms. These weapons have been used to create a state of fear across the world and in people. In the recent past, many people have died or been chased away from their natural homes by the use of weapons in times of war. This is a major disadvantage as people are full of frustrations caused by this invention of weapons by further education causes havoc. An example of this tragedy is that of atomic bombs, which can destroy a whole city and alter the genes of human.

Lastly, education has caused class struggles between the educated and the less educated in the society. There is social division among the two groups. This brings division to the co existence of human in the world because of education.

How to improve education

Education just like any other leading field is bound to change, and improvement to help more people or reach the most remote places in the world. Education is a process by itself. It began a usually long time ago, and it has been changing by the day. There are some few ways in which people can improve it.

Extend research is one of the first ways to improve education in any given field. Research means to put in more time trying to discover or study the given materials by recording changes over given time than the current effort. Research itself can be maintained and enhanced by input of more resources and professionals. Research helps to discover the problems or mistakes in a given setting. Through research, people can come up with thrilling inventions that can change the world. (Dominic and Patrick 2010)

Competitions can also enhance or improve the quality of education. Competitions and the urge to win, makes dependable and exciting inventions arise in the process of conquering the opponent. Concepts that have been used in competitions can be incorporated in the education sector of the related topic of study. Competitions also instill the urge to do better in the rivals.

Reaching out to the poor people is a fantastic way to improve education. A lot of talented potential can be tapped out in the poorest places. When the less fortunate people in the society are offered a chance to learn they can embrace it fully to improve their lives. These places can form a base of inventions that can improve education in the world.

Offering free education to all people is also a brilliant idea to improve education. In most cases, free education standardizes the level of social differences and at the same offering quality education. This can make the people accessing information to be more.

Rewarding or acknowledging the considerable effort done in education is a terrific way to improve education. This motivates the scholars and gives them morale to come up with new ideas. (Thomas and Alber, 1999)

How a person can acquire quality education

The world as it is has had different education quality offered in different places. Somebody can access this quality education and then transfer this education to different places, which have not attained the required standards yet. The following are the various ways to acquire the finest education.

Researching on the best places to get the education is the first step to getting the best education. A good example of this case is Harvard or Yale which offers a superior education in most courses. When one gets this information, he or she can then plan on how to venture into education in these places.

Realizing the area of interest is the second step towards getting the best education. With interest comes curiosity. The curiosity generated can be the drive for a search of quality education. In most cases, people fail to acquire the best education due to lack of interest.

Having the will to work hard is also a guide to reaching the best education being offered. Sometimes the education may be hard to find, but a person needs to have the will power in themselves to work hard to attain the best goals in the education sector.

Incorporating or pursuing higher levels in a given course are also a factor or a force to help somebody acquire the best education. An example of this case is when a person graduates from the bachelors level and proceeds to masters then to the P.H.D level. This way a person can then have the best education from the related sector of education. Also under this factor, a person can gather as much information as possible from the different levels.

Meeting other people of the same educational sector can enhance the level of knowledge through sharing. In sharing, people can learn more about something or be able to make an invention as a group.


Education is a powerful tool of changing the world and the lives of people towards a better living. Education should be made available all people. Setting up forums that improve education by sharing is a key to success in the field of education.


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