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‘Education studies’ is the course I believe is right for me that will lead me to achieve my goal. It will fully have prepared me for a career and get more knowledge and skills in education site and help me to achieve my goal because my goal is to work with those whose need help and support in education. Most importantly, I have a passion for working with children.
Since I left my birth country, my family always support me to develop my career and they helped me to look after my children then I will keep continue my studies, I am a mother for 4 lovely children (age 9,8,5 and 2) and therefore having an experience of looking after young children. I also have worked 4 years in several different places; community centre, primary education setting and secondary education environment as well. This will help me to gain more knowledge and skills, alongside I completed the supporting teaching and learning course has given me a good understanding of childcare and development. I have also learnt the importance of taking initiative and helping others that you work with to achieve targets. From both working at school and studying at college, have provided the opportunity to realise the importance of key issue that’s create a healthy environment.
At school, I support pupils and making sure that they understand what has been taught. One of my main roles in school is to help children with their ICT and mathematic lesson. The school experience taught me to maintain a respective level of confidentiality between pupil and staff. One of the best moments that I feel very proud on myself when my mentor gave me an unexpected feedback from all school staff and students. I have a good sense of humour as well as the ability to laugh at myself and not to take things to heart. I have a good interpersonal and listening skills. I am also able to communicate well with colleagues and parents and hence develop good relationship with them. I feel Further education will prepared me to gain transferable skills, which is relevant to this role. I thoroughly enjoy working with children and always seek to motivate and inspire others to share my passion.
I can plan activity programme to stimulate learning and development, based on observation. I have excellent written and oral communication skills and the ability to communicate effectively at all levels. Overall, I am a hardworking and driven individual which demonstrated throughout my academic and life attainment. I am very passionate about learning and experience new things in life. I feel my experienced and my degree provided me essential skills that can be utilised further on the PGCE.


I'm Mary!

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