Education America proudly pronounces itself as a culturally

Education is known as a major factor in human development via several opportunities and improved incomes. According to (Krapohl, 2016), unequal opportunities to access education have long-term impacts that involve the persistence of poverty across generations since the level of education of the family is the central determinant of child health, future earnings, and various socioeconomic outcomes.

Attainment of higher education across diverse population should improve participation in the labor market, ensure more equitable distribution of incomes and increase the growth of the economy. Although America proudly pronounces itself as a culturally diverse in respect of gender, class, race, and ethnicity, the fact is that there still exist some forms of inequalities that exist within the society with education being among the greatest. According to the findings from extensive research, social class has been found to be the major predictor of educational success among children. It is seemingly that performance gaps begins at an early age in children lives and persists in their entire life until ageism level (Krapohl, 2016).

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For instance, children who grow from low income households have higher probability of making future low income households in their adulthood. Therefore, there is a great gap that exists between children in the highest and lowest socioeconomic status which influences their cognitive and non-cognitive skills in school.


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