Education myopia was developed and have been supported


Earlier in 2015 appeared a review
article focusing on the high prevalence of myopia in China and possibly causes (Dolgin E.2015). The similar
epidemic had been recorded slightly earlier in Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong and
South Korea. Elsewhere, in Europe recent generation also have a higher level of
myopia than the earlier generation and this correlates with the development of
modern education system,
including large amounts of homework and after school classes. (Morgan IG et al. 2013: Williams KM
et al. 2015). In contrast, The hypothesis that education led to myopia was developed and
have been supported by almost all research that has studied the issue. Several
studies that have examined the impact of education on myopia have shown a
generally consistent association between higher levels of education and higher
rate of myopia(Wang Q et
al.1994: Katz J et al. 1997: Wensor M et al. 1999; Mirshahi A et al. 2014). In
similarly study, found that adults with more levels of education tend to be
more myopic. There appears to be a correlation between myopia and higher
academic accomplishment as well.( Williams SM et al. 1988: Mutti DO et al. 2002: Mirshahi A
et al. 2014). Higher academic level was also positively associated
with longer axial length (Wong
TY et al. 2001). However, education is a complex factor, which involves
not only duration but also intensity, and both duration and level of education
are strongly correlated with time spent on near work (Morgan I et al. 2005). Meanwhile, this
correlation between education and myopia may also reflect common genetics of
intelligence and refraction .

In countries with a strong cultural
commitment to high educational outcome, changing the schooling system is likely
to be difficult. However, the central government in China has recently started
to reduce homework hours in elementary schools, which could have a significant
effect on the onset of myopia.


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