EconomicsGDP: resources and has a lot of

EconomicsGDP: AUD$1.69 trillion (2017)Main Contributors: Mining, Manufacturing, Agriculture, Finance, TourismMore Economically Developed CountryTotal Value of Imports: US$200.4 billion(2010)Major Imports: Computers and office machines, Telecommunication equipment and parts, crude oilPrimary Import partners: China, Japan, Thailand, US, Singapore, GermanyTotal Value of exports: US$210.7 billion(2010)Primary Export Partners: China, Japan, South Korea, India, US, UK, New ZealandMajor Exports: Coal, Gold, Meat, MachineryInfrastructureCommunications: Public television (such as ABC Television, SBS Television, National Indigenous Television and commercial television (such as Seven Network, Nine Network, Network Ten)Mobile network companies, 3G and 4G(Telstra, Vodafone, Optus)Transport: Heavy reliance on road transport due to Australia’s large area and low population density, extensive commuter rail networks which have grown and expanded over time (commuter rail, trams and light rail, rapid transit) Sanitation: Supply of freshwater is increasingly vulnerable to droughts, water is of good qualityCultureUnique Traits: Twist to the English language, Simplicity over Extravagance, Laid back attitudeUnique Foods: Lamb leg roast, Barbecued Snags, Meat PieUnique Festivals: WOMADelaide, National Folk Festival, Sports: Cricket, Soccer, RugbyGeographyLocation: Oceania, between the Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean  Important Neighbours: New Zealand, FijiUnique Geography: One of the largest countries on Earth. Rich in natural resources and has a lot of fertile land but more than one-third of Australia is desert.3 relevant points for Topic 11) All applications for genetically modified food(GM) must be assessed on a case-by-case basis by Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ)2) FSANZ analyzes any new information relating to GM foods that have already been assessed by us, to see if we need to revise our previous safety assessments.3) GM foods are required to be labelled in accordance with the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code, enabling consumers to make informed choices.3 relevant points for Topic 21) State and Territory laws criminalize the removal of organs for the trade or sale of the organs, where there is no consent for the removal of the organs. Organ trafficking into, out of, and within Australia is illegal under the Commonwealth Criminal Code.2) A federal inquiry is underway to consider what extra measures in the Australian legal system may help to deter organ trafficking and transplant tourism crimes.3) Australian transplant doctors to sever ties with China.


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