Rhet events (such as trying to obtain

Rhet & comp My BeliefsThese are a few values or beliefs that I will be commenting on in myessay. One, knowledge is power and ignorance is detrimental. Thesecond will be that the inside of a person is more important than theoutside.I believe that knowledge is power. Looking back through my highschool period, this was not one of my beliefs.

I felt that is was awaste of time. Through experience and different events (such astrying to obtain a job) this belief came into existence. My belief isthat knowledge is one of the keys to social survival. Without thiskey life would next to intolerable. Reading, writing and numbers.All this (although it may be technical) is essential.

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knowledge candetermine the outcome on what you make of your life. For example,without a great education and you not using your mind to its fullability, your most like to end up struggle in a dead end job. Toobtain knowledge is to live your dream and not chase it.My next belief is that beauty is on the inside as well asthe outside. My high school year had a major effect on me.

Beingexposed to the social set of youth brought about various feelings thatI brought fourth in my adult life. Being, overweight through highschool was very difficult. No one saw me for the obesity. I wasfriendless, except for those who knew me from grade school.

Those whoknew me previously knew me to be loyal, funny and dependable. A lifelong friend. High school was split into groups of popular and notpopular.Popular kids usually were attractive, fun; know by name andvery active in extracurricular activities. The non poplar kids werenot so much unattractive, but they did not conform to the “norms”.Average weight, stylish clothes and portraying to me “nice”. Thereasoning for the previous statement of portraying to be nice isbecause that just what the majority did. Those less fortunate wasusually taunted by the “populars”.

Treated like dirt. These so calledbeautiful people accepted that their life was envied andsubconsciously decided that it was deserved and needed to be pointedout to those less fortunate. The majority of society decided thatthis would be “average” and those below it is less that average.Those that are kind and good of heart, yet not in the normal beautyscope are kind of cancelled out. Beauty is inside as well as outside.


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