“East family-oriented person. Home to me is where

“East or West, home is best” is my favourite saying since it truly reflects my inner self who is an all-time family-oriented person. Home to me is where I can find sincerity and peace for soul which can be rarely seen anywhere else. Home is also the only place in which I could reverse time to be a genuine kid who is still in the middle of parents’ embrace. Definitely, my home is Vietnam. In the period of high school time in Vietnam, I realized that I need to do something to make my life less tedious. I started volunteering, fundraising and tutoring at “Order of The Heart” which is the most meaningful time in my life. The purpose of this organization is aim to bring to homeless children books and valuable lessons. Following that, recently, I am a member of the marketing team at The Prom Inc, which is a non-invitational event project first time ever held in the area by a group of high school students with a promise to mark a memorable graduation season. I am kind of person who loves travelling and totally travelling is my whole life’s mission. I have been through Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, USA and Canada, to me every country has its own beauty. When travelling, capturing every beautiful moment of each country is my habit. Therefore, the ones that I want to show off to everybody are completely a bunch of pictures which was taken via my camera phone, and cultural lessons I have adapted through those trips. Despite the fact that I spend much time on journeying, I still put all my efforts to achieve my biggest target in the high school year. In high school time, I could say I was passionate about Mathematics, therefore, at this time, at least, my goal was to have an achievement in Math. What must be, must be, work hard pays off, I achieved Third Prize for Math at City level, in Excellent Student Contest (2016 – 2017). I wouldn’t have got this achievement without the encouragement of my favourite teacher, who has always been giving me a lot of pieces of advice when I was in troubled. The first thing that I have learnt from him is that having the confidence to speak in front of others that means I have public speaking. The second one is that I am always positive and always smile no matter what happens because being calm in every situation can help us deal with the problem smoothly. In the future, I want to be the best at what I will do and I want to work somewhere where I’ll have opportunities to boost up my skills; moreover, I can work with people from whose I can really learn. But most importantly, I want to work for the organization where I can build a career, especially about Hotel and Restaurant. To me, the capability to communicate effectively plays an important role not only in my life but also my major that I am following. 


I'm Mary!

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