Earthquakes a plan. The plan should have

 Earthquakes can happen at any time any day, so it would be a great idea to have a plan just in case one happens randomly.

Earthquakes happen most in the valley, so people that live in the valley should definitely have a plan. The plan should have a place to meet up after it’s over, a place where the food and water is at, and saved up money. Most people think it is not necessary to have a earthquake plan, but it could really save a life of a family member. It could also make a adult or child feel safe that they know what to do during an earthquake and wont panic as much.

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    A place to meet up after a earthquake is something that every plan must have. A place to meet up could help someone see who is missing. If a person is missing everyone that was their could go look for the person right away. If there wasn’t a place to meet up no one would know who is ok and who is not. If no one knows who is hurt the person who injured could possibly die and no one wants that.     Food and water is very important, but a place to have it at is more important. If the food and water is left out anywhere an object can fall on it and destroy it.

A safer place for the food is better and it could save a family from starvation. A place to keep the food and water is under a table it have to be under something that won’t fall easily. The food and water should not be left in little room like a closet something could fall and block the access to it.

    Saved up money is the key to a safe and great earthquake plan. During an earthquake many things get destroyed. For example the the ceiling could fall damaging more things. The money that is saved up could help you buy most of the things that were destroyed.

The money can also be good for buying more supplies for the earthquake damage if it was a big one.    Earthquakes can be small or big, sometimes they happen and we don’t even feel them. If the earthquake is really big a lot of supplies will be needed.For example flash lights, candles more food, more money, and portable chargers that are fully charged just in case someone need to call for help.

Everyone should consider making a earthquake plan before it is too late. It could save a life.


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