e-watch car,e-lenz, e-cande,e-card ,large hover. e-car e-car is

e-watche watch is awatch which is given to all person and is connect to e-card, e-lenz,e-candy,e-phone,e-car,e-rover, e-drone car  and endower  server is smart watch and is a self companionand also help to see health of body ,and help hologram call and comand oure-hover,e- largehover and e-car  and isused to shopping,booking andtaxidrone. e-lensit help to learn about interior of a  thing and inside process it is full ofhologram and it can scan the wall and it will catch neuro transmitting if we thingany thing automaticwe get in form of holograme-smartphoneit is fist band when we twist the hand holo phoneactivated which contain all application of shopping ,selling, buying, orderfood ,furniture ,gadget, cloth and etc . and it help to contact e-rover-dronecar,e-lenz, e-cande,e-card ,large hover.

 e-care-car is modified ,comfortably car and has moreapplications it has  application are useby human .a e-car is produce in torus e-car application  Ø ithas one type of rover which is inside of wheel of car. Before you get roverfollowing step1: are holoscreen the option will be seem step 2:wheel roveroption and conform the hover then select the place or manual drive   Ø nameof option is ‘find home’ :in holoscreen select find home and seatbelt saferoption and conform and it will thumb print and in map we want to mention  address and the drone will flew form car it goto place where we mention.    Ø  in this car the most advanced technology is acar convert into drone car(dc) . For get dc following step are select option dcwhen mention place where we go then conform. It will be asking a password thendrone will combined to the car is half and the drone car(dc)will go to theplace where we mention .

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 Ø cargps : the gps is using for command the car. It help to get back a car by themethod are. By  e-watch,e-smartphone,e-lensin this three gadget in any one gadget select option of car gps then it willshow the map where the car is present then call back option will appear thenthe conform the process and it will ask the passwords like finger print, eye scanning,nerves scan then the car will come back to us .

 Ø holocall by car : the hologram call is help see you then we select option then itwill show the contact then we call to person when it will produce the image whowe call .        radiation  shield  Ø thespace consider of many radiation is comprised of atoms in atoms electrons havestripped away the ionizing has  so muchenergy .the electrons out of atom is strikes in atom is ionizing the atom itcan damage the atom in human  cellsleading to future health problems such as cataracts, cancer like skin etc it will damages nervous system .Ø thespace radiation is made up of three kinds of radiation ,all representingionizing radiation the particles trapping in the earth’s magnetic field2-particles shot into space during solar flare of a coronal mass ejection occurs(the two often occur  at the same timebut not always)large amount of high -energy protons easily reach earth in lessthan 30 min Ø nuclearare made either to the out  uranium or inplutonium are in four types of radiation are emit : alpha , beta ,gamma , andneuron radiation but the gamma ray is dangerous it will pass through anymaterial are steel it is danger for space settlement.

for is   we use for safety we will take extra safetyspecial care      


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