Following give the firm’s products to have

Following the introduction of the healthy snacks in the market from the company, I hereby request you to consider employing E-marketing. As a marketing representative in the firm, my department has relentlessly worked and employed various marketing modes, in an attempt to find the best approach in the marketing of these products. As a result, my team has proposed e-marketing for marketing various products, including the introduced snacks.

E-marketing versus Traditional Marketing

Marketing is extremely pertinent in every business, since it creates the awareness of products and services that a firm offers. E-marketing is an effective marketing plan, since it serves as an exceedingly cheaper option, compared to other traditional media such as radio and television.

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For instance, a business blog is considerably cheap (Groves, 2009). Additionally, various types of social networking give the firm’s products to have more acceptation, as opposed to other forms of direct mails. In fact, some forms of online marketing are free. In addition, E-marketing is cost-effective, since the labor employed reduces drastically. As a result, expenses reduce, and hence this boosts annual revenue.

Since e-marketing is an international approach, it will ultimately reach many prospective consumers, as opposed to various forms of traditional media that are mostly regional. As a result, the firm is able to receive large sales of the new healthy snacks through E-marketing, and hence increase the firm’s revenues (Groves, 2009). Besides, E-marketing is fast easily reachable by numerous potential customers in comparison to the traditional marketing process.

Moreover, E-marketing is constant as long as there is internet availability (Boone & Kurtz, 2011). E-marketing also lacks geographical limits, making it a key marketing means in comparison to traditional marketing that has regional limitations. Additionally, various economists deem online buyers as having a better purchasing power that their traditional buying counterparts. As such, Kudler Company is bound to have an increase in the number of customers, and hence translate to increased sales (Boone & Kurtz, 2011).

Besides, a huge number of prospective consumers mean that there is available market for the firm’s products. As a result, this enhances the ultimate growth of the firm (Boone & Kurtz, 2011).

E-marketing and Increased marketing ROI

E-marketing has a significant impact on the firm’s Return of investment (ROI). Kudler Company is bound to receive an increase in profits in various ways. Firstly, e-marketing will boost the figure of loyal customers. This will lead to the ultimate increases in the marketing ROI of the firm (Finora, 2009). Additionally, elimination of geographic boundaries will make trade with these remote customers simple, and thereby assist the company in manufacturing more of the supposed product.

This will in turn result in increased profits. It is also easy to calculate a firm’s ROI while employing e-marketing, since application programs are available for that purpose (Finora, 2009).

Product Information

Before setting a product for advertisement through internet means, it is imperative to decide the message to convey about the snacks. This will make the product more appealing to the public and hence draw prospective consumers. The message to convey will be the product’s name and its ingredients. Additionally, the information will incorporate the product’s price. The message will also comprise of the merits of the snacks over other competing products. Besides, the message ought to be clear and legible.


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