E-Commerce: we should supply all the information about

E-Commerce: Page of the Perfect ProductThe product’s page is one of the most significant pages in an online purchasing site, since in this page the potential buyer decides about the product which he/she is going to buy.

So that, you should constantly check your product’s page and observe it as far as possible to make your clients glad.Thinking about e-Commerce: the Perfect Product PageThese three stages show the potential buyers’ behaviors on online store product page: Attention, Capture, and Decision.Attention: After a potential buyer visited your site on purpose or your product page via clicking on a side advertisement in a regular site, your first goal must be keep the buyer on your site and not to let him leave your page instantly. He or she may leave because of your bad displaying of your product, wrong word choices on your advertisement, etc. Try not to do these mistakes and keep clients on your site by giving them vivid photos, accurate materials about your productCapture: We should observe the interests of a client and then we should turn this interest to a purchase of the product. By means of this, we should supply all the information about the product for our potential buyer. Decision: Sometimes clients compare the products they buy with other products in other sites. Our first goal in here is to keep her in our site and make him decide on our product.

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          We must say that behaviors of the potential clients do not always follow these stages. It is possible for the purchase to be in any stage, for example it can happen directly in the attention stage. Whenever a client goes to buy his or her product without going through these stages, it means you made everything right, clear and easy. Also we can say that the potential client might decide not to buy the product at any stage of these three. However, you need to keep trying to promote them to buy from you.         There is an important issue about all of the product pages in the internet: What if the product doesn’t capture customers’ attention?The product may not be the one they are looking for or it is expensive for them so they might want to look at another site.

Yet you must not allow this, you must keep them in your site by offering them different kind of products or giving them discounts. You should make them visible in any part of the page, categorize the elements about the product the ease their search, this will give them opportunity to look your site and these kinds of simplicities will give them a trustworthy environment for shopping.How to Increase E-commerce Conversion with Site SearchBig e-commerce sites searches directly and materially contribute to sales’ revenue.

In the online environment your team is your search box. Eventually, after searching the product they want, they can find it in your site through the search box and buy it easily. So if your stock gets larger, your success in e-commerce search gets better.To make it better, we can consider these five stages as a step to success:Stage 1: Just the beginningYou need to use a unprecedented e-commerce search way which should be unseen in your management system or a irrelevant product.Your search speed should be quick more than a minute.


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