E-Commerce: Flash 4 ActionScript

M-commerce has entered the global market place quite recently. However, many people claim that m-commerce has a great future. Some even state that m-commerce is expected “to be one of the key drivers in developing the global information society” (Deans 59). It goes without saying that m-commerce is closely related with e-commerce.

At present many researchers report that these two ways of buying and selling have a bit different perspectives. For instance, e-commerce is associated with some purchases that need to be considered, whereas m-commerce is used for making quick purchases, or “to support time-critical activities” (Ankar and D’Incau 56). However, it is important to note that e-commerce and m-commerce have many similarities and are often based on similar software. Thus, recent introduction of Flash 4 ActionScript can be considered as an example of close ties between wire and wireless commerce. Flash 4 ActionScript is a software that “has been a part of the web” for a long of time (Roggio). Basically, it has been transferred to cell phones.

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Flash 4 ActionScript is considered to be a very helpful software since it enables to use cell phones to greater extent. It enables to download numerous apps. Admittedly, it is very convenient for producers and consumers to use the same soft they are accustomed when dealing with computers. Alexander Graham Bell once claimed: “The great advantage [the telephone] possesses over every other form of electrical apparatus consists in the fact that it requires no skill to operate the instrument” (qtd. in Venkatesh et al. 53). This can be also applied to the use of the familiar software. Thus, the product is designed for both consumers and sellers.

Consumers benefit from using Flash 4 ActionScript since they can obtain numerous apps. Consumers will be able to use their cell phones in many cases: watching pictures and videos, sharing information, etc. Besides, many games and exciting apps are based on this very software. As far as producers of mobile software are concerned, it is possible to assume that they also benefit from using such universal (applicable for many occasions) software.

Thus, companies do not need to re-invent the wheel. They can use the same software for both e-commerce and m-commerce. Basically, they obtain more opportunities (can easily enter m-commerce market) and save money since they do not need to pay for another software development for their products to be available on m-commerce market. Thus, Flash 4 ActionScript is a very popular product due to its applicability. The product is one of the examples of close ties between e-commerce and m-commerce. At this point it is possible to point out that a survey implemented suggests that “consumers see the mobile Internet and m-commerce primarily as a supplement rather than as a substitute to the wired Internet and ecommerce” (Ankar and D’Incau 59). In this context, such products as Flash 4 ActionScript should be regarded as products which follow the latest trends in e-commerce and m-commerce since it is applicable in both.

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