Internet activities over the internet. Inherently, it

Internet marketing refers to promotion of goods and services over the internet.

In essence, it refers to marketing over the internet. Similarly, e-commerce refers to conducting of business activities over the internet. Inherently, it encompasses buying and selling of goods or services over the aforementioned media.

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However it is also quite necessary to note that the two services complement each other. This is mainly because internet marketing enlightens customers and potential buyers on available products or services as well as their value. In the process, those convinced may place orders over the internet or computer networks to receive goods or services. E-commerce has taken the world by a storm in the recent past. Moreover, internet marketing has worked to increase spread of e-commerce across the globe. This has enabled acquisition of virtually every kind of service or product through the internet (Kotler, 2009, p.

25). Potential buyers are no longer required to travel to points of sales. Instead, they transact their business activities over the internet at the comfort of their homes. This has facilitated several components of business. In fact, internet security has been intensified for safe transfer of goods and services. In addition, several other sectors have benefited from internet marketing and e-commerce. Internet marketing and e-commerce are therefore very significant in developing trade across the globe.

This is mainly because they have enabled sale of goods or services to every part of the world. Furthermore, the ever increasing technology has shortened the distances between traders and potential buyers. Internet marketing has gained pace through social networks such as twitter and facebook, among others. This has worked to increase its effectiveness towards e-commerce. Moreover, numerous security softwares have been developed to curb online theft, which is among the many challenges faced in internet marketing and e-commerce. Besides, more payment options have also arisen with a view to improving the safety of online transactions. All in all, internet marketing and e-commerce have been of great significance to world economy, interaction and peace (Charlesworth, 2009, p. 49).

Most businesses encourage their customers to comment on products and other issues that may help improve service delivery. These may range form employee relations to details of products. Theses are aimed at ensuring commitment to customer needs and opinions. To achieve this, some businesses have introduced departments that deal specifically with customer needs. Departments such as customer service, inquiries and customer relations, among others are usually aimed to helping customers understand products and services offered by the company as well as address other concerns.

In addition, businesses have introduced suggestion boxes and online product reviews for customer opinions. These are usually aimed at effecting changes that may only be noticed by customers who have different issues and needs. Moreover, some customers find it hard to face off with business employees over issues relating to services or products. Therefore, introducing other services such as suggestion boxes, among others allows for independent opinions to be channeled to the relevant office. It is also vey important to note that comments made verbally may sometimes be misinterpreted by employees or otherwise blocked from reaching appropriate departments for execution. It is for this reason that separate information channels, in addition to available departments, are availed to assist in customer service. Customer opinions are therefore of high value to any company that expects to remain in business.

This is mainly because retaining customers encompasses addressing their needs. When customers are satisfied with service delivery, then this increases their number, which in turn translates into higher profits. Therefore, customer opinion helps to evaluate service delivery, quality of products, employee-customer relations, customer needs, issues, and need for further improvement.

This ensures that customer needs are met to help retain them as well as attract other potential customers (Bobinski, 2004, p. 1).

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