Dylan everyone, his life was changed completely when

Dylan McKenna lives in New Jersey, America. He is 19 yearsold social media star, fitness model and also an athlete of Gymshark.

DylanMcKenna motivates people for body building on Youtube ( Social Media App ). Hestarted work out when he was 14 years old. Dylan started doing body building tomake his performance better in high school sports and since then his goalscompletely changed.  After putting hissteps into the gym, Dylan’s physique started to be in shape and it attractedhim. He then decided to stop all this high school sports activities and fullyconcentrated on building his body.Since Dylan found his passion, he decided to not onlycontinue training for himself but also help others in this regards. People alsoappreciate Dylan for having this fit and sexy body.

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Dylan makes sure to put allhis efforts and reach the extreme limit while working out.Before popularity Dylan McKenna was just a normal person aseveryone, his life was changed completely when he fully indulged himself in thegym but when Dylan posted his pictures and videos on Instagram ( Social MediaApp ), it turns out to be very successful to him that people started knowingthis man and his content was liked by viewers from all the over the world. His journeyand story is mentioned in details belowAbout Him:Full Name: DylanMcKennaBirth Day: 15 March, 1998Birth Place: New JerseyBirth Sign: PiscesAge: 19Weight: 80 – 84 kg Height: 5’8Nationality / Country: United States of AmericaProfession: Fitness model and Social Media SensationSocialMedia Sensation:Dylan McKenna is a social media star and celebrity. Dylanposts his day to day pictures and videos on different social media apps and isappreciated a lot. Dylan actively uses Instagram and Youtube the most andshares his content and training tutorials for people there.

Many of his viewersfollow his advices and exercise routine in order to build a successful and sexyphysique like him.Dylan McKenna has got more than 167k followers on Instagramand his followers are increasing day by day. He posts his work out and normalpictures there, which are worth seeing and people always get attracted byseeing his sexy physique.

Dylan McKenna has also got more than 77k subscribers on hisYoutube channel and they are also increasing daily because Dylan is aninspiration and motivation to all his fans and followers. Dylan teaches peopleonline through his Youtube guide videos. He always shares tutorial of his workout exercises so that people should follow his steps and prepare their body asstrong as this fitness freak. Dylan McKenna is also linked with MyProtein,which is an online Supplement / Protein store.

FitnessGoals:Dylan McKenna is very keen to help others to transform theirbody also. As his physique was also as normal as other people, he worked outhard to make it stronger and powerful. Dylan McKenna claims that his goal inthe fitness world is to help others so that they should also get confidentabout their selves.Dylan also helps other to make their minds clear aboutfitness and tells them that they could live a pretty good life while lookinggreat. Dylan McKenna also motivated others so they can work out hard in the gymand get stronger and powerful.FitnessPrograms:As Dylan’s goal is to help others get stronger and feelconfident about their selves, he runs a website of his own and runs threedifferent programs in there so the people can choose their desired program intheir respective way. Following are the programs available on his website:1.     BEGINNERPROGRAM:This beginner program is a complete package for thosewho lift less than or under 90 kgs for bench press, 135 kgs for squat and 180kgs for deadlifts.

This program is an 18 weeks guide. This program helps thebeginners to build some strength and muscles so they could proceed to nextlevel. The cost of this program is 20 USD.2.     INTERMEDIATEPROGRAM:The intermediate program is a great package forsomeone whose level strength range is more than 90 kgs bench press, 135 kgssquats and 180 kgs deadlifts ( some of these lifts can be slightly under orover  ). This program is a 9 weeks guidebut can be repeated again in order to complete a total of 18 weeks. Thisprogram helps to increase more strength, get stronger muscles and helps toproceed to intense level.

The cost of this program is 20 USD.3.     ADVANCEDPROGRAM:This advanced program Is an expert level extreme andintense workout guide at or over 300 kgs bench press, 180 kgs squats and 225kgs dead lifts ( some of these lifts can be slightly under or over ). Thisprogram is also a 9 weeks guide but just like intermediate program, it can berepeated again in order to complete a total of 18 weeks. This program helps totrain and work out at an extreme level than before and makes you look like a completebodybuilder. The cost of this program is 20 USD.Which these programs, there are some extra facilities whichare also included.

They are:Ø  Nutrition E-Book which includes all the dietsuggestions of Dylan McKenna and helps to make sure where you should bulk orcut, cardio, bulking tips and cutting tips. Food examples for bulking andcutting are also there.Ø  Video practical of each exercise so youshould do all the training correctly and in a proper way.Ø  Stretching E-Book is a detailed warm uproutine to keep the trainee healthy while doing workout.

Ø  App Access to the AFLETE app, which is acomplete pocket coach for you to track your progress and record the amount ofweights and videos to keep yourself on top.Nutrition /Diet:Dylan McKenna always eat healthy and foods with protein tobuild his muscles. Some healthy foods are albumen, chicken breast, and fish togain protein. For more protein intake, whey protein and protein bars arehealthy and safe to be taken. While his bulking period, Dylan takes approx 3500calories daily and always keeps his diet chill and relaxed. To check thecalories of the food he takes, he uses a weight scale. This allows to him tostay safe from taking more calories than required.

For supplementation, DylanMcKenna prefers Whey Protein and Pre – Workout. Following are the foods which Dylan eats during his massgaining period:o   Ground Beefo   Whole WheatPastao   Milko   CheeseBurgerWorkout /Training:Dylan McKenna’s physique is a complete motivation andinspiration to all of his fans and followers. He does full body workout inorder to keep his figure balanced and greater. Dylan McKenna upper body issomething which can be looked again and again because he has got amazing absand chest.

In order to gain some solid mass and strength, you should also try DylanMcKenna’s workout routine. His workout routine is:ABS:-         Crunches-         Sit ups-         Hanging leg raise-         Plank-         Leg RaiseCHEST:-         Push ups-         Dips-         Barbell bench press-         Incline bench press-         Decline bench press-         Dumbbell flyBACK:-         Pull ups-         Barbell dead lift-         Wide grip pull ups-         Standing T bar-         Single arm dumbbell rowLEG:-        Squats-        Weight squats-        Sumo squats-        Step ups-        Dead lift-        Dumbbell lunges-        Leg pressBICEPS:-         Warm-up for 10 mints-         Pull ups-         Dumbbell curls-         Incline dumbbell curls-         Standing biceps cable curls-         Ez bar curlsMotivatingOthers for Fitness:When Dylan McKenna got full control over his physique, hestarted helping others and motivating others for fitness. He helped the oneswho asked him about work outs but obviously there were in small quantity, butsoon after he became active on social media and everyone started recognizinghim, he then decided to post his workout session videos on Youtube to helppeople in greater quantity.His fans and followers follow his footsteps in gym and dothose exercises which are suggested by Dylan McKenna. Because of this, Dylan McKennabecame the star of social media fitness world and now his followers areincreasing daily in large numbers.Struggle ofDylan McKenna Shows:Struggle of Dylan McKenna shows that first we have to findour passion where we think we can achieve something great. Dylan McKenna joinedgym to improve his body for high school sports but later found his interest init the most and we all see where he is right now.

Dylan McKenna’s story also shows that if we are good atsomething, we should also help our fellow beings. This will not only help thembut we will also feel self happiness by helping them. Dylan McKenna did intensehard work to reach where he is right now and also sets an example that weshould always choose the right path of our life and never miss an opportunitygiven by life.


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