(2) Board or Committee; (c) Providing homely atmosphere

(2) The general duties and functions of the Officer-in-Charge shall include: (a) Compliance with provisions of the Act and the rules and orders made there-under; (b) Compliance with the orders of the Board or Committee; (c) Providing homely atmosphere of love, affection, care, development and welfare for juveniles or children; (d) Maintaining minimum standards of care in the institution; (e) Proper maintenance of building and premises; (f) Security measures and periodical inspection, including daily inspection and rounds of the institution, proper storage and inspection of foodstuffs as well as food being served; (g) Supervision and monitoring of juveniles’ or children’s’ discipline and well-being; (h) Planning implementation and condition of all institutional activities, programmes and operations, including training and treatment programmes or correctional activities, as the case may be; (i) Prompt action to meet emergencies; (j) Ensuring accident and fire preventive measures within the institutional premises; (k) Stand-by arrangements for water storage, power plant, emergency lighting; (l) Careful handling of plants and equipments; (m) Segregation of a juvenile or child suffering from contagious or infectious diseases; (n) Observance and follow up of daily routine; (o) Filing of monthly report of juvenile or child in the case file; (p) Organize local and national festivals in the institution; (q) Organize trips or excursions or picnics for juveniles or children; (r) Preparation of budget and control over financial matters; (s) Allocation of duties to personnel; (t) Supervision over office administration, including attending to personnel welfare and staff discipline; (u) Prompt, firm and considerate handling of all disciplinary matters; (v) Organize the meetings of the Management Committee set up under Rule 55 of these rules and provide necessary support; (w) Maintenance of all records and registers required under the Act and the rules and monthly verification of the same by the Management Committee set up under Rule 55 of these rules; (x) Liaison, co-ordination and cooperation with the District Child Protection Unit of State Government as and when required; and (y) Co-ordination with the legal officer in the District Protection unit to ensure that every juvenile is legally represented and provided free legal aid and other necessary support or, where the District Child Protection Unit has not been set up, services of the District or State Legal Services Authority shall be made available.


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