(a) and when required; (c) Clarifying problems of

(a) Making social investigation of the juvenile (Form IV) or the child (Form XIII) through personal interview and from the family, social agencies and other sources; (b) Attending the proceedings of the Board or Committee and submitting reports as and when required; (c) Clarifying problems of the juvenile or the child and dealing with their difficulties in institutional life; (d) Participating in the orientation, monitoring, education, vocational and rehabilitation programmes; (e) Establishing co-operation and understanding between the juvenile or the child and the officer-in-charge; (f) Assisting the juvenile or the child to develop contacts with family and also providing assistance to family members; (g) Developing a care plan for every child in consultation with the juvenile or child and following up its implementation; (h) Participating in the pre-release programme and helping the juvenile or the child to establish contacts which can provide emotional and social support to juvenile or child after their release; (i) Establishing linkages with voluntary workers and organization to facilitate rehabilitation and social reintegration of juveniles and to ensure the necessary follow up; (j) Follow up of juveniles after their release and extending help and guidance to them; (k) Visiting regularly the residence of the juvenile or child under their supervision and also places of employment or school attended by such juvenile or child and submitting fortnightly reports as prescribed in Form XXI; (l) Accompanying juveniles or children wherever possible, from the office of the Board to observation home, special home, children’s home or fit person, as the case may be; and (m) Maintaining case file and such registers as may be specified from time to time.

(2) On receipt of information from the police or Juvenile or Child Welfare Officer of the Police under clause (b) of Section 13 of the Act, the probation officer shall inquire into the antecedents and family history of the juvenile or the child and such other material circumstances, as may be necessary and submit a social investigation report as early as possible, in Form IV or XIII to the Board.

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