During club would have been never founded.

During the fall in 1902, 22 men gathered in the yard whose owner was Osman Pasha. These men gathered in the yard so that they could do some gymnastic movements. Due to the political movement in this year, these men were arrested and were sent to the Police Station. Since most boys had men in palace, they were let go without being arrested and blamed. Even Sultan’s son Abdülhalim supported these men and started to watch often practice. Mr. Kenan who was well known boxer and wrestler also came to the practices and showed some stuffs about Box and Wrestle. In March 1903, The Bereket Gymnastic Club was founded under a special permission. With the declaration of constitutional monarchy in 1908, The restrictions of sport were relaxed. Having eased the political movement in Istanbul, Fuat Balkan, a good fencing teacher, Mazhar Kazanc?, a wrestler and weight lifter, made the youngsters, who were doing Gymnastic, persuade to train with them. Thus, the name of Bereket Gymnastic club was changed to Be?ikta? Ottoman Gymnastic Club. In January 1903, it was the first Turkish club to be registered . Therefore, the club attracted the attention between youngsters. To sum up, the 22 men helped to lay foundations of Be?ikta? club and we appreciate them so much. Without them, this club would have been never founded.


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