During there were two parties present in government.

During the eighteenth century, our country was fighting for our freedom against the British. It took a special group of bold and radical people to fight a war against one of the great world powers at the time. These people included Samuel Adams, Thomas Paine, Patrick Henry, and Thomas Jefferson. A lot of people believe that the elite were doing all of this for their own economic interests and to gain power, but I look at it as they were wanting to gain independence from the people that they moved here to get away from in the first place. When it came to finding their own way in establishing a government the people wanted to steer clear of strong government. The reason for this is because they associated strong government with monarchy, and that is the government system that they so desperately fought to get away from. The radicals thought government was evil, but they viewed it as a necessity in order to keep peace in their new found independence. At the time that the Constitution was adopted there were two parties present in government.
Beard believes that the Constitution was written by the rich in order to further themselves protect themselves, their wealth, and their property.


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