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During the 1600s to 1763, there was a huge trans-Atlantic interaction which truly changed labor systems. Ever since people saw the massive growth of crops coming into the country, it created a harsher working environment.

Due to this, it left a really huge impact creating a massive shift From white American workers to slave American workers. The trans-Atlantic interactions of the time had truly contributed towards maintaining continuity as well as fostering changes in labor systems in cause of the cash crops and harsher working conditions, the huge importation, and the replacement of indentured servants with slaves. As time started to pass, people tended to see that growing cash crops was a huge popularity in the British Colonies. Some of the farming and/or types of labor that people tended to focus on throughout the period primarily were on tobacco, indigo, rice, and cotton. As more and more people wanted to grow and sell these cash crops, conditions started to get worst, leading toward the introduction of African America slaves. Slaves were brought in numerous amounts of quantities and treated in very horrible conditions.

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They were sold while in America and sometimes even traded with one another. Slaves had to work constantly for countless hours and many ended up having a whole bunch of bruises on their bodies. To make them even more efficient in their work, if slaves worked too slow or didn’t work efficient enough, they would usually get punished by getting hit. Due to this system, it created this violent environment that’s continually gone on, but still allowing a whole lot of cash crops and good to be sold and making the economy rise tremendously fast. Thus, cash crops and the harsher working conditions for the slaves had truly contributed towards maintaining continuity as well as foster changes in labor systems. Slave’s importation into the British American Colonies were very massive during this time too. There was approximately 6 to 7 million black slaves imported in trans-Atlantic trades to the New World during the 18th century.

When brought, these slaves were placed in huge ships and they were brought in very huge quantities that the ships got so packed very quickly to the point where there was only room to have the slaves lay down. Sometimes, slaves couldn’t even roll over and lay on your side. A huge factor that truly affected slaves was disease. Since disease was a very huge issue of the time, it caused many slaves to die, affecting slave sellers because that was one less slaves that they could’ve sold and earned money for, but despite just a few deaths, these slave sellers still earned massive amount of money for the large amount of slaves that arrived to the British Colonies.


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