During very best effort he possibly could.

During the period of his study in this department I had the opportunity to observe him from a close corner as I was the supervisor of his thesis entitled “Monolithic Monochromator Crystal Design” in M.Sc. level. During that time, I found him consistently strove to produce the very best effort he possibly could.


As a Lecturer in the Department of Physics at Jahangirnagar University, he taught a number of BSc and MSc level courses. He had outstanding ability to engage students with his dynamic teaching style.  He was well liked and admired by teachers, staff and students alike.

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Dr. Uddin continued his record of excellent work in Canada. He has an excellent publication record in peer reviewed journals and conference proceedings in the field of neuroimaging.

At a personal level, he is a resourceful person and with his astute creativity, imagination, and inventiveness, he can analyze a challenging problem, understand the critical things quickly and can successfully formulate the correct solution. He is well versed in science fundamentals and fine conceptual grasp of the subject matter. She is sober, intelligent, hard working, and very much interested in pursuit of knowledge and research works.


I enthusiastically recommend that you will consider his application for the position “Assistant Professor”, as he may be a great asset to your university.

If you would like to discuss this further, please feel free to contact me.


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