During the serfs in particular was extremely

During the late years of the RomanEmpire, property owners and massive ones specifically took more authority intheir land and workers in order to stay independent and self-sufficientregardless of the political decline in Rome from brutal attacks and weakcorrupt government.

As Rome fell, manorialism became a wide spread and acceptedway for peasants to find jobs as well as being able to provide food for theirfamilies. Merchants were facing the risk of being attacked from both land andsea due to the lack of secure trade. As a result, the countries that wereextremely dependent on trade struggled.

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Towns and cities where eventually destroyedby barbarians, which meant the upper class nobles had to move away to morerural areas throughout Europe.  Being that thenew kingdoms weren’t united after the fall of the Roman Empire, this made itimpossible for kingdoms to defend themselves from outside attacks andultimately caused the rise of feudalism in Europe. Feudalism was more focusedtowards the political and social aspects of Europe where as manorialism wasbased on the economical aspect. In this system, the King would give land to theLord in exchange for knights, money, and loyalty. The Lord would then provideland to the knights in exchange for their protection, loyalty, and military aidduring times of war.

 The Knights wouldthen provide serfs with protection, food, and housing in exchange for labor.The quality oflife for the serfs in particular was extremely harsh. Serfs were basicallypeasants who lived and worked on the lord’s manor. They couldn’t leave withoutpermission from the lord or marry. Lords felts as though it was theirobligation to protect from outside dangers.

Serfs truly lived a very harsh lifewith long hours spent farming, seeing to the livestock, and worry about providingfor their families. Serfs also died at extremely young ages due to bad dietsand lack of medical attention. In facts serfs had a life expectancy rate ofabout 30 years and that’s about less than half compared to today in America. Manorialismis slightly more complicated for the simple fact it relied a little more on thefertility of the land


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