During religious. Then He stopped his law career

During the 19th-century American society was in great turmoil African Americans in America were enslaved and exploited they were forced to work on large plantations. And during this time of distress there were many people known as reformers and abolitionist that saw the mistakes and were trying to fix it. And having a significant impact on American Life while doing it.

 Two of these people were Charles grandson Finnley and Harriet Tubman they both were abolitionists and were activist for men and women’s rights. And they changed life in America as people new it in the 19th century.Since the start of the United States as the Sovereign Nation, slavery was an essential part of American life and American economy. Slavery became more important during the 19th century when the Industrial Revolution was in full force and American factories in the north dependent on raw materials coming from the south where the slaves were working on plantations producing those raw materials. Meanwhile, By the mid-nineteenth century many European countries had banned slavery and word was getting around over the Atlantic. the Abolitionist Movement in America was in full force people like Charles grandison Finney and Harriet Tubman who was a slave herself helped people escape to the north.

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Charles Grandison Finney was a minister, lawyer, professor and was a activist, an abolitionist , and a Underground Railroad supporter. Finney was born on August 29, 1792, in Warren, Connecticut. After finishing his studies he became a teacher. But this did not last long he started to studied law privately and entered the law office of Benjamin Wright at Adams, in new york During this time he became interested in the Bible.

 In 1821 there was a big change in this life he became more religious. Then He stopped his law career to become an evangelist and was certified by the Presbyterians. And became a minister in the upstate New York and Manhattan area. The bible and the religious study showed him that all people are equal and should be treated equal.

 After this he began working in Oberlin, Ohio, in a college he became a professor of theology. Later than he became the president of Oberlin College, and anyone of any race of any color of any gender can attend. This was important because a lot of the students in Oberlin College saw slavery as abuse and were mostly activist and or abolitionist. Harriet Tubman was born in the 1820s she was born into slavery. As a child her owner hit her with a metal thing on the head this gave her the vision later in life to come back for the other slaves after she escaped.

 She did this until the civil war and freed 300 slaves. Harriet Tubman had great impact on American life during the Abolitionist Movement and after. For example, Susan b anthony the person who was fighting for women’s right to vote was inspired by Harriet Tubman. and during the Abolitionist Movement because it empowers other women white or black to fight if a black woman can sneak slaves to the north to freedom then it showed that the white men can’t even stop a woman what if a black man stand up and rebelled. Charles Grandison Finney had great impact on American life because he was a minister and basically a leader for Christians so since he was a Abolitionist people might of been influenced by him and might think all people deserve to be free. The 19th century was a time of a change in America many people fought for the freedom of slaves and they became free.

 And the people that fought left a great impact on American society making America as we know it and love it.


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