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During my childhood, I wondered how computers do all the hard work and humans control them with the least movement of their little fingers by coding programs. This expertise to control computers and making use of program coding to make innovations fascinated me throughout my childhood. Over the years, my interest in computers kept on increasing and hence after completing my 12th grade when I had various options, I decided to pursue my undergrad studies in Information Technology.

My undergraduate course from LDRP-ITR under KSV University helped me develop my technical skill set. I studied subjects such as Data Structures and Algorithms, Design and Analysis of Algorithm and Big Data.During the four years, I learned a lot, starting from basic C programs to developing mobile applications in Android. My interest lied specifically in Object Oriented Programming in JAVA, Data Structures and Algorithms and Mobile Application Development in Android.

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I now seek advanced knowledge that can uplift my career in the field of computer science. I aspire to become a successful entrepreneur and launch my own software programming company one day. And I believe a graduate degree in Software Engineering with a focus on Distributed Computing will be the first most required step towards fulfilling my dreams.During my undergraduate program, I also worked on many projects to develop an understanding of practical applications of the concepts and theories taught to us. In 4th Semester, I prepared a document on developing ‘Airline Booking System.’ The project work included project analysis, requirements gathering and documentation for developing an e-commerce website. In 5th Semester, I developed front-end of an e-commerce website for Regional Transport Office (RTO) Office.

I used HTML, CSS and JavaScript to develop the website. In the 7th Semester I undertook the project, Parking Management System which included developing a desktop application to be used at the parking site for efficient parking management by the staff. Along with it, I developed a mobile application to provide the users with the facility to view and pre-book available parking sites in various cities.

I used JAVA as the programming language and Hibernate as the framework for developing my project. Being a fresher to Hibernate, it was a challenge for me. However, I decided to overcome the obstacles and started learning Hibernate from online videos. In the end I successfully completed the program and was lauded for it. Additionally, I also organized a coding event in 6th Semester in the technical festival of our college. I have completed a certified course in JAVA and Advance JAVA from SoftVan Company.I have also participated in various coding events in the technical festival of our university.

I have been an active member of IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) and IEEE Computer Society member. I have volunteered for each and every event in IEEE. I have served as the IEEE Computer Society Gujarat section Representative. Also, I have volunteered as a Content writer for IEEE Compute, IEEE CS India Newsletter Vol I, Vol II and Vol III. Being a part of such organization helped me enhance my technical aptitude and intellectual skills. Added to this it taught me the importance of team spiritand equipped me with exceptional leadership skills. Truly, my overall experience has been tremendously enriching. With an objective to give back to the society, I volunteered as a tutor and taught kids in the underprivileged areas by being a part of an NGO-AtmaShodh.

Along with being a successful entrepreneur, I also want to work to create opportunities to impart knowledge and empower underprivileged kids about Computers and its applications. I believe that a professional degree in computer science along with a global exposure will open the doors of endless possibilities for me. And this brings me to Arizona State University and its M.S. in Software Engineering program. I would like to pursue my graduate studies at Arizona State University because of the overall environment, and the depth and breadth of the MS Program it offers.

The core and elective courses offered in the graduate program make the perfect combination. I have browsed the research work carried out at Arizona State University thoroughly and I find the research work of Andrea Richa and Gail-J Ahn of Social Computing matching with my interest. If admitted, I would like to assist him and seek his guidance to learn more on the same. I look forward to being a part of such an esteemed community of students & professors and promise to keep up its legacy, and make Arizona State University proud with my contribution during my studies and even after.


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