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During a child’s first few years of life their brain undergoes crucial social, emotional and motor development amongst many important other things, every time a child tries a new experience and puts their senses to use a connection is made to their brain, these connections will have a lasting effect on the child and will shape how the child behaves, thinks, feels and learns. If a child is raised in a loving environment with good relationships and regularly bond with their parents this will help with the child’s development and help them to flourish, a child learns by watching and copying what they see, if their parents regularly interact, play and teach them and their home is a nurturing and safe environment then it will make a huge difference on their growth and abilities like learning, social skills and empathy.Children that are not raised in these kind of environments and are exposed to abuse and neglect as well as seeing their parents suffer from mental health can experience a lot of stress themselves which can cause problems now and in the future, it can effect their brain development and have an effect on their self esteem and create behavioural problems and delays, a child’s behaviour can be dealt with in a more suitable manner such as their parents giving clear explanations about right from wrong and giving them praise when they are well behaved, if a child parents are suffering from any mental health issues they should seek help from healthcare professionals and support from friends and family in order to protect themselves and their child. All these factors will help create who the child will become later on in life so it is important that they are lead by a good example.


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