Dubois was near a school that was

Dubois and Washington Analytical paperArielle M JonesOld Redford Academy Just because the color of one’s race should not exemplify disgrace .W.E.B Dubois was born on february 23,1868  in Great Barrington,Massachusetts.

1885 Dubois moved to Nashville tennessee and Attended Fisk University .Dubois encountered the Jim Crow laws.That was the 1st time he experienced racism against African Americans,That made him Want to study the troubles of African Americans. 1895 Dubois became the 1st African American to earn a p.h.d degree from Harvard University.

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1905 Dubois was a founder and general secretary of the Niagara movement  an African American protest group of scholars and professionals.1945 Dubois wrote the famous”An appeal to the world ” He also called for granting for independence to africans  and the world africa .Booker T Washington was born to a slave on April 5 1856 to a slave.Washington went to work carrying grain.When washington did not do his duties that was given he received a beaten .Washington was first exposed to education when he was near a school that  was on the plantation.He stood outside looking in.

Getting in the college was not  easy washington begged administers to get in college,He was offered a scholarship sponsored by a white guy. Washington graduated from Hampton University in 1875 .Washington was the head of the tuskegee institute until he died on november 1915 at the age of 59Du Bois also wrote  an essay “Our spiritual Striving” He wrote it to influence blacks that they are worth more than the whites . Washington Made the speech “The Atlanta Compromise”.Washington influenced blacks to accept were they are but apply yourself to get out of the situation they are in. In Dubois of Our Spiritual Strivings and Washington’s Atlanta Compromise speech .

Both writers used figurative and methods of persuasion to reveal their point of view of social separation and equality, as the rhetoric contributed to the power and persuasiveness of the text.In addition in Of Our Spiritual Strivings Dubois used a repetition “How does it feel to be a problem”(Dubois,Of Our Spiritual Strivings,p1,1994).This quote stated that as a African American person how does it feel to be a outcast and born a problem just because of the color of your skin. Du Bois statement was a  form of power.

This related because it is connected with DuBois point of view about social equality.Washington used imagery in paragraph 8.”Thorns and Thistles”(Washington,Atlanta Compromise, p8,1895).Washington utilized that quote to represent pain.This was a form of power because he wanted the audience to feel as if they were the ones that did not have freedom.

This was related to Washington point of view because he used figurative language such as imagery  to help the audience understand the struggle of not having equality nor freedom.In paragraph 3 of Our Spiritual strivings Dubois used imagery “That sky was bluest when i could beat my mates at examination time or beat them at a foot-race or even beat their stringy heads”(DuBois,Of Our Spiritual Striving ,p3,1994).This quote paraphrased that Dubois was cheerful when he would beat his peers in competition.Dubois would feel as if he was above his peers.Dubois used that quote as a form of power.This related to the Dubois’s point of view because Dubois wanted the negros to understand that there is escape from the whites.Washington used a hyperbole in paragraph 6 “Will pay a thousand percent interest”(Washington,Atlanta compromise,p6,1895).The quote was meant to convince whites that blacks are more valuable and that African Americans would have been a huge investment in the south.

This is a method of persquaviness.Its related because it helped build up on Washington’s point of view on social equality ,Whites treated african americans with no respect and worthless like we were not human beings.Dubois Used A Metaphor “The mountain path to Canaan longer than the highway of emancipation and law”(Dubois,Of Our spiritual Striving,p,1994).Dubois quote compared the  highway of emancipation and law,He interpreted that getting education and the right to vote was a very slow and a long process to getting freedom.This is a method of persuasiveness.

It Related because Dubois used figurative language to show his emotions regarding freedom by comparing a canaan and emancipation and law.In the Atlanta Compromise Washington used a metaphor in paragraph 3 “Cast down your. buckets where you are”(Washington,Atlanta Compromise Speech,1895,p3).This quote meant everything you need is right where you are.This is a method of persuasiveness.

,This is related to Washington point of view  he used a metaphor to send a message to African Americans  to not go north.In paragraph 6 Dubois used ethos. Emancipation was the key to a promised land of sweeter beauty than ever stretched before the eyes of wearied Israelites”(Dubois,Of Our Spiritual Strivings,p6,1994).This quote stated that freedom for African Americans was promised by god.This is a method of persuaviness .It Related because DuBois was trying to persuade the reader about his opinion that freedom was promised to us by god.This also related because it made a connection with his point of view about equality .

In paragraph 1 Washington used logos”One-Third of the population of the south is of the negro race”(Washington, Atlanta Compromise,p.1,1895).This quote stated that there are more negros in the South than Caucasians.The Rhetorical device was a form of persuaviness and power. This was related because Washington was telling the President that blacks will prosper .

Caucasians and African Americans will come together as a unity, It was also related because Washington’s goal was to get the two races to come to together which help build his point of view.Dubois used a method of pathos to show emotions to the reader .Dubois stated”ShoutO children Shout you are free For God has brought your liberty'(Dubois,Of Our Spiritual Strivings, p1,1994).The Quote from the song was showing how excited African Americans were for freedom.

This was a method of persuaviness. it Related because he wanted the reader to feel the emotions of the African Americans,This also related because it connected with my thesis about equality .Du Bois used parallel structure in paragraph 5 Of Our Spiritual Strivings ,”to be a coworker in the kingdom of culture, to escape both death and isolation, to husband and use his best powers and his latent genius”(DuBois,Of Our Spiritual Strivings,P5,1994).Dubois was interpreting that African Americans wanted equality,If they receive equality they do not have to deal with death and isolation and it will allow them to use their power which is freedom..

Dubois form of parallel structure was a method of power.It Was Related because DuBois Used Parallel structure to help develop his idea of equality which was another one of Dubois’s point of view.In Our Spiritual Strivings Dubois used repetition”Double consciousness”(DuBois ,Of Our Spiritual Strivings,p3,1994).This quote meant How African Americans Saw Themselves and how others saw African Americans.This quote is a method of power.This related to the topic because it helped DuBois pick out information out about this topic,That would help the audience understand the point of view About social equality.

“Water Water send us water”(Washington,Atlanta Compromise,p3,195).This quoted statement was  repetition in Washington’s Atlanta Compromise speech.The quote paraphrased the desperation of negros.This was a method of persuasiveness .

This was related because Washington used figurative language  to persuade the Caucasians to give African Americans their freedom also related because it help build up Washington’s point of view.This was related to Washington point of view because he used figurative language such as imagery  to help the audience understand the struggle of not having equality nor freedom.Washington also utilized a form of pathos in his Atlanta Compromise Speech in paragraph 12 Washington stated”Will bring into our beloved south a new heaven and a new earth”(Atlanta Compromise,p12,1895).Washington paraphrased that the 2 races will co exist and develop higher goals and build a new south .

This is a form of power .Washington wants to use the power he had to build a new south this also related to Washington’s point of view on Social equality, this was his goal,This was something he wanted as a African American. This help build up Washington’s   point of view also.In Our Spiritual Strivings and Washington’s Atlanta Compromise speech both writers had a goal that they wanted to complete and a point they wanted to prove by using different methods .Dubois wanted equality and Washington wanted to develop higher goals and build a new south.They wanted Caucasians  and Africans Americans to come together to make the south a better place to where no one felt like a outcast everyone was treated with respect regardless of the color.In Dubois our spiritual strivings and Washington’s Atlanta Compromise speech.

Both writers used figurative language,Rhetorical devices, and methods of persuasion to reveal their point of view of social separation and equality,As the rhetoric contributed to the power and persuasiveness of the text.                               ReferencesDubois, W.E.B(19940. Of Our Spiritual Strivings. In the soul of black folks (p.

1). New York . Dover Productions.

Washington,B.T (1895). The Atlanta Exposition Address.Speech presented at the Cotton States and International Exposition in Atlanta,Georgia.



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