Fourthly, Global Vision, Global Giving, Global March and

Fourthly, 4. Global Conference on theSustained Eradication of Child Labour which was organized in November 2017 isan important conference which is working on the global solution. It iscooperating with Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and have the aim offinishing all kinds of child labor. Finally, there are some other internationaland non-governmental organizations which are working on this issue such as IIECL,Global Vision, Global Giving, Global March and UNICEF. In conclusion, theseprograms, conferences, projects and organizations are very influential for theglobal and effective solution.

             Asmany other countries, we, the Republic of Paraguay, are also working on thisissue very effectively and actively in our country. First of all we haveratified all the international conventions about child labor such as but notlimited to the Minimum Age Convention, the Worst Forms of Child LaborConvention and the Optional on the Scale of the Sale of Children Convention.Furthermore, our government have implemented National Strategy to PreventForced Labor and National Strategy for the Prevention and Eradication of ChildLabor and Protection of Working Adolescents. These conventions and strategiesare extremely essential for eliminating the problem of lack of laws. In ourcountry, there are many children which are facing worst forms of child labor.

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For instance, criadazgo system is a big threat for our children. In this system,wealthy families hire poor children for working in their domestic jobs. Also,in Chaco and some other places children are mostly working in farms andfactories. Finally, children are working in The Paraguayan People’s Army bycarrying inventory and sometimes fighting with the soldiers.

Thus, ourgovernment is trying to reduce the number of these children by implementingnational and international strategy/action plans. In conclusion, we are fullyaware of the fact that child labor is a huge problem for all of us and we aretrying to resolve this problem by our new national policies, action plans andinternational conventions in order to support the global combat against childlabor.                        Asit has been mentioned before many NGOs and international organizations areworking on this issue and their solution proposals are highly essential. We,Republic of Paraguay, have also some solution proposals for this issue. Tobegin with, the poverty problem has to be eliminated. It will be achieved byputting the families, which are struggling with poverty and sending theirchildren to work, on salary and providing them a job opportunity in order toprevent them to force their children to work in any kinds of labor. When thefamilies or caregivers earn the money that they need for sustaining theirlives, they will not force their children to work and the child labor rateswill decrease hugely. Further, the families that contribute to the child laborshould be detected and their salaries should be put on by the government andthey should be provided the basic needs.

Secondly, lack of education should bewiped out especially in developing and undeveloped states in order to eliminateilliteracy and change families’ wrong perception. This will be done byincreasing the number of education facilities and enhancing the publicawareness in order to eliminate the perception in the society and educatechildren to work in high educated and high salaried jobs in the future. Thegovernment should establish new schools and improve the transportation to theschools by building roads especially in rural areas and increasing the numberof transportation vehicles in order to assist children which want to go toschool but aren’t able to. Also, there should be awareness campaigns in orderto influence parents that finds schools unnecessary and send their children towork. Finally, the lack of laws should be wiped out.

When there is lack of lawsin a country, there will be no limitations for the child employers so the childlabor rates will increase. Thus, every member state should revise theirpolicies and implement national strategies/plans which prohibit child laborstrictly with solid laws. In conclusion, we, the Republic of Paraguay, believethat these solution proposals will be efficient for the global and sustainablesolution for this highly crucial and critical issue that is threatening all ofus.              


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