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    Drugs is taking over the world and there is nearly 23 million Americans who suffer from a substance use disorder. But statistics show that only one in 10 receive treatment. Now addiction and the use of substance touches the lives of a lot of people all around America and it will bring to many problems if police or government just arrest everyone, This is why Hillary Clinton is looking for a new approach to this situation. She is proposing a bold plan to prevent and treat addiction and support people in recovery. She also wants to eliminate this problem once and for all. Hillary Clinton will launch a $7.5 billion fund to support new federal state partnerships that empower local leaders to implement programs that work for their communities.    What Hillary Clinton is trying to do is implement programs to teach kids about drug use and addiction. I believe that this is a great idea because if children’s and adolescent takes these programs they can have a idea of what drug addiction and the substance us of it can do to the body and you as a human. This program can probably reduce the amount of people who suffer from a substance use disorder. Hillary Clinton decided to create a treatment and recovery system. This system will not neglect people. Everyone who need treatment and ongoing support should be able to get this program as well. When there is anyone who goes to the program toxicated the workers or the people in charge would have access to naloxone a drug that can prevent opioid overdoses from becoming fatal.     There will also be some people tested because some people can be drug prescribers and they will have to meet standards for training and go through a prescription drug monitoring program before writing a prescription for controlled medication when they are going into the program. I believe this is a wonderful idea because there could be people that just would like to keep the medication and use it in a different use. With the people testing them it brings more safety to the program.    Hillary Clinton is also trying to bring this program into prison. She would love to prioritize rehabilitation and treatment over prison for low level and nonviolent drug offenses and work to end the era of mass incarceration. Some other ways that Clinton outlines several ways states could receive these federal funds are relaxed standards to let more medical professionals treat their patients for addiction. This require better training and monitoring of drug prescribers and that will ensure opioid painkillers that are being given out to patients who actually need them and aren’t at a serious risk for addiction. Reform the criminal justice system to put addicts in treatment programs instead of in jails and prisons. For places that already have specialized courts and drug courts that focus on treatment instead of incarceration, encourage further reforms — such as allowing medication-based treatments like methadone and Suboxone, which can stop opioid withdrawal. On a federal level Clinton’s plan would offer several other things. Some of the things are greater federal enforcement to ensure health insurers pay for drug abuse treatments. For Hillary Clinton this is a great endorsement for her. I say this because she would help out people in prison that has abused the concept of drugs. And each year at least 10,000 people die because of this cause.    Hillary Clinton would be trying to reform Medicare or Medicaid so that it could pay for the programs so that all of the people that are on drugs can go to the program. Now some people say that the most promising part about Hillary Clinton Plan is how large it is.  It would be with an annual price tag of $1 million dollars. Now she also has a plan to getting the money she will tried to get people to fund for these programs as well. Now back to the prison program this program is very important to Hillary Clinton because about 73% of people in jail or in Jail because of selling Drugs or addiction to it. Hillary Clinton had said that even though the other programs do not turn out to be successful she will try to enforce the jail program because it will help people when they come out of jail to either not do drugs again or even teach other people that drugs are bad for them. As for Drugs it is not the only substance being use. People are also using alcohol and it is another cause of why the program could be created. There has been a lot of deaths in Drinking in driving and other things involving alcohol. According to the website listed below there was 2,000 to 6,000 deaths in 2010 that occurred because Drinking and driving. A guy by the name David Rodman will be in charge of the alcohol section to inform people when they are in the program. David will have some statistics to inform the people in the program and some statistics he said he will provide is that he will say the effect that alcohol can do to you and another person while driving. David was an advisor for the open philanthropy project.  And in the project he found that a higher alcohol tax saves life. So he is willing to raise the price in taxes so that it could be more expensive for the people to buy and that way it can avoid people from buying it and drinking it while driving and it could save other peoples lives.     Hillary Clinton attended David’s presentation on this project and that gave her the idea to use him for if the programs does executes. She viewed him as a perfect example to use him to influence alcohol users to not drink alcohol.                 


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