Drilling energy is important, but fracking for oil

Drilling and fracking by oil and gas companies must end in the USA, as nearly have been fracked since the 1940s. Now, energy is important, but fracking for oil is not the best way to produce energy, and it brings a great deal of harm to the environment.Hydraulic fracking is a technique that helps recover gas and oil from shale rock.

While fracking is still in its exploratory phase in the UK, it is being used commercially in the US to a large extent. Advocates of fracking believe that if America continues to expand the use of this drilling technique, it could become the world’s leading oil producer in the years to come.But fracking is harmful, and contaminates drinking water all over the country. Yet, oil and gas companies continue to use this form of drilling and are putting Americans at risk in terms of drinking water. Already, over 1000 documented cases of from fracking operations have been reported.

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Fracking also uses millions of gallons of water. This water must be transported to the fracking site, which results in significant . Fracking also poses a risk that carcinogenic chemicals may escape from the site and contaminate groundwater, and it’s responsible for the degradation of parks and forests. Families that live in areas where fracking occurs suffer from several health consequences, which include nausea, dizziness, headaches, rashes and other diseases.  Fracking results in the release of acids, detergents, and poisons that are completely unregulated by federal laws and can have devastating effects on the environment and drinking water.Fracking can also cause small tremors.

Climate experts and environmentalists believe that fracking is not the solution to the world’s energy challenges, as increased use of fossil fuels will only add to climate change.Drilling and fracking must end in the US and efforts should be made to compel regulatory agencies to tighten up the oil and gas industry and to update regulations. Efforts should also be made to change the misconception that fracked gas is clean. It is not. It is a dirty fossil fuel that is negatively affecting our environment and de-tracking us from turning to clean and renewable energy sources.Fracking must be stopped to save our parks, forests and water supply.

There is no benefit that could be derived from a technique that puts our air, water, and communities at risk. Despite the fact that there are regulations in place that are directed towards protecting these resources, the oil and gas industry always manages to find ways through which they can continue to use techniques that harm our planet and our environment.May the efforts continue to stop such industries from taking advantage of the Earth’s precious natural resources.


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