Dreams hearing the message, my aunt asked me:

Dreams are experiences andillusions in one’s mind when the person was sleeping.

Dreams often happen formost people but none of us actually understand its real causes and how tocontrol the timing and what should happen in our dreams. We sometimes have verypleased and beautiful dreams, but at other times we have terrible dreams oreven nightmares. Fortunately, most of my dreams are positive and beautiful, andthe following story was from one of them.I remember it was a verylong day and it was also the first day that I came back to school after tenyears. I returned home with a very tired body. My mind seems already shut downwith full of information about schools, classes, instructors, classmates andother administrative processes. I quickly had dinner and then I returned to myroom to read class materials and do homework, which would need to be turned inon the following day. While I was sitting at my desk, I fell asleep into mydream.

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In the dream, I saw my family was preparing to go to Seattle to visit mycousin and to attend my uncle’s birthday. Before we went, I called my uncle toconfirm if they actually had a birthday party; however, my uncle’s daughter answeredthe phone and said, “We’ll have a birthday party but it will be held at very latehours. You do not need to come to our house.

As you are from Portland, thetiming doesn’t work, and it would be very dangerous for you to going back toPortland around midnight when you will be very tired after the party”. Afterhung up the call, I went to the garage and saw that my other younger cousin andmy aunt were packing up to go to Seattle. I relayed the message that my uncle’sdaughter, who lives in Seattle told me a few minutes ago to my aunt.

Surprisingly,after hearing the message, my aunt asked me: “How much does it cost to go fromPortland to Seattle?”. I replied: “If we ride on a small car, it costs morethan a tank of gasoline, but if we ride on a big car it only costs one tank ofgasoline”. Then she decided that we all should go. Since we would have manypeople going for this trip, we could probably take turn in driving and it wouldbe alright to be home a little late.

Once I heard that we were still going, Iwas very excited, so I jumped in the car to start the engine. Suddenly, my phonebuzzed and it woke me up.I was really hoping that Icould know what we would be doing in Seattle and how fun to attend the birthdayparty.

I wished if there was a way to come back to the dream when I tried to goback to sleep as quickly as I could, but it was impossible to be continued inthis beautiful dream. 


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