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Dream of the Red Chamber is a long and extremely complicated domestic chronicle—the novel contains more than four hundred characters—that is at once a lively comedy of manners, a realistic fable of moral seriousness, and a metaphysical allegory. The title is capable of expressing several meanings. For example, it may be translated as “Dreams of Young Maidens,” since the younger women of the Chia clan lived in the traditional “red chamber” of a palace compound. The term may also be interpreted as a reference to the metaphor “Red Dust,” which in Buddhist usage is a designation for the material world with all of its pleasures, follies, and vices.On the metaphysical level of the novel, the stone and the flower, originally located in the Ethereal, suffer a fall when they enter earthly reality in the Red Dust. Here the novel may be read as an allegory endorsing a Taoist-Buddhist system of otherworldly values (represented by the mysteriously recurring priest and monk) and rejecting the this-world view of Confucianism (represented by Chia Cheng).

Interestingly, this novel’s critique of feudalist and Confucian China won praise from Marxist readers.The Ethereal stone’s fortunes translate into a novel of manners when the stone falls into earthly existence as the protagonist, Chia Pao-yu. In this mode, the novel becomes, through its portrayal of the Chia family, a brilliantly realistic document of upper-class life during the Ching Dynasty. It encompasses financial affairs, sexual aberrations, fraternal jealousies, and tragic suicides. The Chia fortunes reach their apogee when Cardinal Spring becomes the Emperor’s concubine.

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The Takuanyuan Garden, built to honor Cardinal Spring, symbolizes these halcyon days; it becomes the domain of the younger Chia generation led by Pao-yu. In the garden, their way of life is carefree, innocent, almost Edenic, but, just as Pao-yu must grow into adulthood, so evil must invade this Eden. The fall begins when an indecently embroidered purse…


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