Draft to help find his way through prism

Draft 1 of 2 ( I Hope)       Part 1. new console   (the nintendo switch). The nintendo switch has become the fastest selling home game system.

Fans from across the country have enjoyed the fun experience and joy of the mobile game console. You can either plug it into the t.v. and use the controllers to play games with or without friends. Or you can also take the console and slide the controllers on the sides  and play it on the go. You can also set up the stand and use it with a friend when you can’t plug it into the television. But there’s more, you can go to the local store and find an amiibo.

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Amiibos are like toys but you can use them by placing the bottom of one on the controller and you can get special rewards on all sorts of games.    Part 2 New games for 2018 Kirby https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cc3PAAije0Yyoshihttps://www.youtube.

com/watch?v=sx_C9jJ0AlAThere are lots of nintendo games to come this year. One of the games that really stuck out to me was “Paper Mario Color Splash.” In Paper mario color splash , mario has returned to prism island to find that it is being drained of its color.

Now mario has to come and save it now mario can use a paint brush or scissors to help find his way through prism island. He can also cut with the scissors to get through hidden places to fight bad guys.Part  3    Nintendo side products     The nintendo consoles are no doubt some of the best entertainment but nintendo has some other side products like mario cereal and that kind of stuff. But for now I will say what i think is the best and funniest one of all. The mario bear by build a bear is actually pretty funny to think about with nintendo because stuffed animals and video games don’t really mix well (claw machine). But I think that nintendo and build a bear are actually kind of cool to imagine.

So the fact that build a bear has done this is actually pretty cool the mario bear, the yoshi and the bowser stuffed animals are probably my favorite  but that is just my opinion. Part  4     Fan favorite games 3. Mega Man 1-2       Mega Man is capcom’s  first game and is still one of the fan favorite games for the nintendo consoles.fans loved the game so much that the workers spent 20 hours a day to make the second one. 2. Legend Of Zelda    The legend of zelda is one of the best games and fans love it.

The puzzles, tricks, and secrets make the game so much better.   this makes fans so happy that nintendo continued to produce more and more games wich made fans love this game even more. 1.Super mario    The super mario franchise is the best game (for most fans) that nintendo has produced so far and fans are loving the games difficulty. not to mention the super mario franchise are the best selling games from nintendo to date and fans still have fun playing them.


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