Draft eight models that were founded last

Draft 3In 2018, the US- Mexico wall’s problem resurfaced. Last year, its officers seized more than 26,000 illegal immigrants and arrested nearly 11,000 pounds of marijuana and 3,000 pounds of cocaine according to “Trump’s border wall breaks ground in San Diego” New York Post by Mary Kay Linge (2018). The civil government started work Wednesday (Wed. February 21) on restoring limit fences in California, the first barrier contract won in the Trump administration out of eight models that were founded last year in San Diego, “News Construction Begins To Replace U.S.-Mexico Border Wall In California, KPBS” by Associated Press (2018). Well the main cause of Donald Trump’s 2018 decision of separating the US and Mexico, by installing walls all over the borderline, has lead to several consequences.

Many believe that this “big, fat, beautiful” wall, as Trump describes it, is going to lead to many important and striking changes not only on a social level, but on a financial and ecological level too. That main reason explains why many authors are still discussing this important issue. The effects of the problem of the US-Mexico wall are best categorized under three different viewpoints.The first viewpoint relates the effects of the US-Mexico wall control to the idea of restraining the total number of illegal exchanges.

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What actually matters in this perception, is that the decision of building an actual wall will obviously be more and more protecting, from traffickers and drug dealers. It will reinstate a lengthy stretch of 8-to-10-foot-high metal rail that was constructed in the 1990s out of fragmented metal and reused steel plates. Rusted and unstable in places, the aged fence has been no match for drug dealers and human traffickers, (Linge, 2018). In addition in “National Public Radio”, Leah Donella (2017) adds that according to Raul Garcia, who works at the environmental justice law firm Earth justice, it’s not by mistake that the border bridge would primarily influence people of color. With Trump arming the limit, he’s specially pointing at immigrants and Latinos attempting to do a life for themselves and their families.

He claimed that societies of diversity all over the U.S. challenge identical confrontations. In other terms, the campaign decision is becoming controversial since it may be a way of controlling the dangers of illegal forms of exchanges, but on the other hand it is directly re-questioning diversity in the US and Mexico.There is a second perspective, discussing the controversy, which is pointing at the financial effects of the US-Mexico wall. It is believed that this way of fencing is going to be causing trouble for the US territories since these walls are going to be in no way part of the US territories. Two out of three of the land is personal or state-owned, mainly in Texas. The Trump administration could be benefiting from distinguished domain to get served with territories needed for a border wall, as well as base roads and more infrastructures, but it would possibly confront costly legal problems that could postpone construction for years as stated in “Everything We Know About Donald Trump’s Proposed Border Wall, Fortune” BLOOMBERG (2018) .

Moreover, there is a very strong relationship with this dilemma and the way these projects are going to be supported financially. According to New York Times “U.S.

Customs and Border Protection (apprehensions, agents and ports of entry), Reveal from The Center for Investigative Reporting and Open Street Map contributors (fencing), U.S. Geological Survey (federal land) ” additional reporting by Ron Nixon, President Trump is looking forward to establishing a wall that would cost $18 billion.

Eight models, ranging from 18 to 30 feet high, have been evaluated near the San Diego boundary. That makes the idea more challenging since 14-mile section of President Trump’s border fence construction is being processed in San Diego, at a price of $147 million. The finances come from the omnibus spending bill that Trump adopted in March. The regulation included a $1.

6 billion down payment on the “great, great” wall, (Linge, 2018).There is a third dimension that evokes that this plan of separation is going to lead to strict environmental problems. In “the Texas Tribune and Neena Satija, the Texas tribune and reveal” Kiah Collier (2017) emphasizes that now, a fusion of vehicle walls and pedestrian barriers covers only about one-third of the closely 2,000-mile U.

S.-Mexico limit. Even with all those holes, professionals say the wall have made it more difficult for animals to acquire nutriments, water and partners. A lot of them, like jaguars, gray wolves and ocelots, are already menaced. Aaron Flesch, a biologist at the University of Arizona, added that most barrier animals are already put into small, portioned patches of habitat. “If you just go and you cut movements off,” he claimed, “you can potentially destabilize these entire networks of population.

” “The only species we know that’s going to make it through the wall are people,” Flesch mentioned. For instance the federal government did take some decisions to try to support endangered species when it constructed the border wall, by rerouting some parts. At a zone near Brownsville that goes through a separate nature preserve, there are tiny openings at the bottom of the fence every 500 feet or so considered to let young wild cats through —specifically the ocelot, whose numbers have dropped to less than 100 in the United States. Sonia Najera, grasslands manager for the Nature Conservancy, calls the holes “cat holes”. They’re the size of a fragment of printer sheet. She’s never observed an animal really use any of them.

As a result, the most awaited decision of 2018 is obviously inducing different forms of evaluation in different fields. The three arguments discussed by many authors show different explanations to the issue. The upcoming wall is going to limit the rate of drug traffickers and immigrant. But it would lead to serious issues concerning diversity in the US, conflicts between the two countries and shockingly the environmental impact it has on the borders. Adding to all these consequences, the walls are financially draining the US for minimal changes and they’re practically causing more harm than giving support to the initial purpose.

I personally would be following the statements of Kiah Collier, because when we usually discuss such political projects we often ignore the impact they have on the environment and ecosystems and people should have a clearer vision of such political announcements concerning other fields. Rami AL Tabbouche201901773Associated Press (February 21, 2018) “Construction Begins To Replace U.S.-Mexico Border Wall In California, KPBS”, retrieved on September 27, 2018. https://www.kpbs.

org/news/2018/feb/21/construction-begins-replace-border-wall- california/BLOOMBERG (January 19, 2018) “Everything We Know About Donald Trump’s Proposed Border Wall, Fortune”, retrieved on September 27, 2018. http://fortune.com/2018/01/19/donald-trump-border-wall/K. Collier (March 3, 2017) “the Texas Tribune and Neena Satija, the Texas Tribune And Reveal”, retrieved on September 27, 2018. https://www.texastribune.

org/2017/03/03/environmental-impacts-border-wall/L. Donella (February, 2017) adds in National Public Radio, retrieved on September 27, 2018. https://www.npr.org/sections/codeswitch/2017/02/17/514356130/the-environmental- consequences-of-a-wall-on-the-u-s-mexico-borderM. Kay Linge (June 2, 2018) “Trump’s border wall breaks ground in San Diego” New York Post, retrieved on September 27, 2018.

https://nypost.com/2018/06/02/trumps-border-wall-breaks-ground-in-san-diego/ R. Nixon “U.

S. Customs and Border Protection (apprehensions, agents and ports of entry), Reveal from The Center for Investigative Reporting and Open Street Map contributors (fencing), U.S.

Geological Survey (federal land)” New York Times, retrieved on September 27, 2018. https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2018/02/05/us/border-wall.html


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