Donald BBC News, BBC,22Sept.2017, date accessed 15

Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un have been engaging in a hotheaded war of words over the last couple of months. “The most extreme insults began flying between the pair in April 2017” after North Korea dismissed a missile into waters off the coast of South Korea. This lead to Trump emphasizing that “the U.

S has a lot of firepower, more than he has, times 20 -” Nevertheless, Trump’s tweet did not affluence the condition between the two leaders, as North Korea launched three more missile test in May, proceeding in Trump calling Kim Jong-Un a “madman on the loose” and further insinuating that “Rocket Man should have been handled a long time ago by the three previous presidents.”  Thus, as a result of Trump’s outspoken words the North Korean leader responded via North Korean state media, in August, 2 days after Trump’s tweet. In which he affirmed and made it clear that he has determined that it is not feasible to have any sort of conversation with Trump as he is “a guy bereft of reason” and later on resumed, claiming that Trump is a “mentally deranged U.S dotard.”Fig.

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1 “Deranged! Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un’s war of words – BBC Newsbeat.” BBC News, BBC,22Sept.2017, date accessed 15 Jan.

2018, the latest tweet from Trump released on Tuesday, in which Trump mocks North Korean leader, Kim Jong-Un about the magnitude of his nuclear depository can be considered as being shamefully outspoken.Trump used Kim Jong-Un’s customary New Year’s speech, as a prototype for his most recent scurrilous tweet, which was posted yesterday, on January 3rd.

Kim Jong-Un began 2018 by testifying that “the entire United States is within range of our nuclear weapons… a nuclear button is always on my desk” making it clear that “this is reality, not a threat.” Kim Jong-Un finishes off his yearly New Year’s speech by accentuating that “these weapons will be used only if our security is threatened.

”  As anticipated the leader’s speech resulted in a very provoked and palpable response from U.S President Trump.In response to the annual speech, Trump refers to North Korean leader by name; unlike he has done previously, in his latest tweet posted, yesterday, on January 3rd of 2018. Formerly being caught unambiguously tweeting and calling him names such as “little rocket man” as well as referring to him as a “madman.” In this latest tweet, Trump makes it very evident that “he too has a Nuclear Button” and goes on to boast about the size of his, claiming it is “much bigger and powerful” than the one in found in North Korea. Trump also ends his tweet with emphasizing and suggesting that “my Button works”Fig.

1 Reuters, Thomson. “‘I too have a nuclear button,’ Trump warns Kim Jong-Un.” CBCnews, CBC/RadioCanada,2Jan.2018,  date accessed 15 Jan.



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