Doing are correct as I always noticed such

Doing Belbin test I
found  out 2 top skills that I can do.

First is that while I’m
working with a team I can feel free to have an unlimited number of people doing
the work. Even though, sometimes it is better for me, as every one can share to
the team  unique ideas and after that the
team members can be more creative and succesful doing the project.

Second one is releted to the
researches. I am really keen on finding somethming that is cutting-edge and
innovative. So that this skill can help me to get new and usefull data for
different tasks.


I believe that results of the
test are correct as I always noticed such skills during my life.


Positive thing: first of all,
be able to work in big groups is very significant because not every one can
work when there are many people. Secondly, to be a good researcher is always
great as every project shoud contain a lot of findings.


Negative sides: firtly, some
people prefer to work one  by one, so it
can be difficult to work together when I am a «group worker». Finaly, as for
findings, sometimes I can find so many infirmation that it is difficult to
serve it.


I'm Mary!

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