Dogs For instance, dogs require more time than

Dogs Vs Cats




            As we all
know dogs and cats are both popular pets, but they have different


characteristics that require us as owners to deal with them
in different ways. Dogs or cats can


serve as excellent pets, but depending on the owner a cat could
easily be considered a better


pet than a dog or a dog could be considered a better pet
than a cat. In order for anyone to


make the right decision on investing on either pet, it all
comes down to dependency, pleasing,


and training.


are far easier to care for and dogs are typically more responsive to their
owners. Cats


may be independent, but it’s the dependence of a dog that is
appealing. There are cat lovers,


dog lovers, both to enhance owner dominance and the owner’s
sense of care for the animal.


       When choosing
between a cat or a dog, you should always consider how much time you can


dedicate to your pet. For instance, dogs require more time
than cats and don’t like to be left


home alone like cats do. When it comes to money, how much
can you afford to spend


considering dogs are more expensive than cats.


         Cats make
friends with humans just like dogs do. But their survival does not depend on


cooperation, at least not as much as with dogs. Dogs are
able to understand human gestures


and their speech as well. Cats are social, more than many
humans give them credit for but they


are solitary hunters.


         At the end of
the day the owner must decide if he or she wants to care for a dog or a cat.


Each animal requires a different level when it comes down to
the cost of the pet, time you put


in with the pet, and the attention that can be a deciding
factor on either


to get a dog or cat. Both animals are good pets but one
might be the better pet depending on


the owner.


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