Does right. They breathe like humans they use

Does anyone know when balloons were made? Balloons were made in 1824 for military communications for trouble (Wickman, 2017). balloons also were made by Michael Faraday for the lab (Wickman, 2017). Then balloons started to be used for parties and having fun after that.How do people think gasses contract and expand? Do they think the different gas makes it bigger or smaller depending on how much more light it is? If they think that then they are right. How do you think that they float? If you think it’s almost the same way by floating because the helium or gasses are different and lighter than air so it goes with the air (Landsberg, Fisher, & Robertson, 2006). When it goes with the air the air thinks it is air because helium and the balloon weigh as much as air so it thinks it is air and the balloon goes up with it because it is the same weight as air.

How do you think that balloons keep helium inside and then let it out but not into the air? If you think they use the air like humans then you are right. They breathe like humans they use all the air to float around and then they die when they lose all their air like humans but hey lose air faster because there is no way to get air back in unless someone pops it a little bit and then breathes in there then duct tapes it or something like that if that would work. How do you think that most people think about balloons? Do you think most of them think they are a waste of time because it takes so long to blow them up and tie them then they just pop even without a nail sometimes? Sometimes the balloons pop on almost nothing. Do you think people don’t like them because they are a waste of money? Do you think they think that they are a waste of money because you spend so much and they just pop?    I think balloons are good I think that they help people get happy and that it makes them get happier and then it could help people get better. When they get balloons they see that you care. It could also help people if they are sad because then they see the colors and they won’t be sad anymore and they won’t be bad and they will be nice and happy.

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Then they won’t be sad or anything anymore.


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